Aug. 23, 2016

As we sat chatting and drinking red wine I was reminded of just what a caring friendship we had made out of what began a 3-some swinging adventure with two bi-curious guys and his very sexy wife. It had been quite some time since I had seen my friends - too long in fact. But life does go on and swinging often has to wait until the time is right and other commitments can be put on hold, at least for a few hours of fulfilling intimate fantasies.

As we talked about their new home, renovations outstanding and what had been going on in my life I knew that in just a few moments I would get to taste her exquisite pussy. The "welcome" kiss from her and his warm handshake told me that although it had been a while the memories we had created before remained and it wouldn't be too long before we created another.

As the small talk subsided we refilled the wine glasses and went to the bedroom. As he kissed his girl I caressed from the rear, moving my hands over her tight little ass, slipping a finger gently along her pussy lips, groping her gorgeous breasts. The clothes fell off and as I kneeled to lick her slit his cock was ever so close. A gentle suck to show him that yes, I was still bi-curious caused them to kiss even harder and very quietly tell each other their desires and what they'd like to do with this 3 some adventure.

Once on the bed I must admit I was selfish. It had been a long time and eating her warm and inviting pussy had been on my mind for some time. "He's missed you" said my friend, to which she said "yes, he certainly has..." as I continued on. But we had never been totally selfish so she pulled me into her arms for a kiss and together we both began to work on his cock, sharing the licking and sucking while at the same time kissing frequently...knowing the 3 of us were enjoying yet another sexy 3 some.

Then I became the centre of attention. Although I had my heart set on her pussy she asked him "do you want him to come in your mouth?". "Yes" he said she continued to kiss him as they both approached my cock. "But I want him to fuck you too" he said. He has the same feeling as I do when another man enters his partners pussy while sucking his cock - so erotic, so passionate. I knew that I wanted to come in both places. She sat on my cock and started to rock back and forth. "I'm going to come if you keep that up", I said. And with that she pulled off and both of them began to suck my cock. I can tell you a most wonderful orgasm followed, with both of them licking the come off my cock and kissing each other...so erotic.

A sip of wine and being a good 3some partner I knew it was time for them to make love. I kissed them goodbye and off I went, until the next invitation and the next time I get to explore two people I have come to love so much!