Apr 14, 2017

I have read a lot of stories on many different sites and I have had a few 3somes. I have really enjoyed all the ones that I have had. However we seldom ever hear about the following mornings. Which is why I will tell you about one of mine.

As usual my girlfriend and I went out to our local pub and met up with a friend of ours. So as we always do we made sure we were both on the same page and brought him home with us. Once we arrived home I made us drinks and she went to get changed. When she came back into the room wearing a beautiful black silk short nighty and we both not take our eyes off of her.

Needless to say we were all over her and pleasured her in everyway we could think of and then some. We fucked her missionary style, doggy style and she gave us great head. Then we finally went to sleep and I know it was late. I guess I was really tired because they accused me of snoring.

The following morning I am awakened with a lite slap, so I wake and look over and there is my girlfriend sitting on his cock and he tells me to stop my snoring. Back to sleep I went I have no idea how long they were at it because apparently I slept for another 2 hours.

Once I finally did wake up for good I joined them on our couch to have a coffee, when I sat down my girlfriend was in the between and as we spoke about last nights happenings I was getting a little frisky. I started to rub her leg and she asked me did I not have enough. So I replied well did he not I do remember waking up and seeing you fucking him. Well we all laughed, I reached over and rubbed her pussy.

Then I asked them what else did they do that I did not see. I also asked him if she woke him up with a blow job or use her hand to get him hard he said it was her hand. He seemed to be a little shy about talking to me about sex with my girlfriend next to him. She told him not to be shy as I enjoy talking about the night before. So opened my housecoat and placed her hand on my cock and placed her other hand on his. Though he had shorts on it did not take long to have his cock in the open for her.

She started to give both of us a hand job until I stood in front of her and she took me in her mouth while jerking him off, then switching back and forth. I so love how she looks with a cock in her mouth. She kept going until we both gave her a mouth full of cum.

Then she had to go and get ready for her son. I had just closed my housecoat when the door bell rang it was her son.

As she was leaving with him I said to her not to be to long but she just smiled and left.

So how about you people do you enjoy talking about sex the next day.