Written by PixieAngel

Jul. 1, 2015


I feel someone get onto the bed behind me, mmm it’s his wife. I didn’t even hear her enter the room. She is smiling at me. She says “I could hear your moans of pleasure from the room next door; I got so aroused I had to come and see for myself what was happening in here”. You were both certainly well and truly into it as he was fucking you so hard and you were clearly enjoying having my husband’s cock inside your pussy.”

I can’t deny the fact that she is correct. He fucked me good and proper. I will certainly feel where his cock has been for days to come. I say to her “when he’s ready I want to watch him fucking you, but in the meantime do you have any ideas what we can do”?

She leans forward and whispers “I want to make you cum like he just did” it’s my turn. I was about to tell her that I have never been with a woman before but before the words can even escape my lips she has positioned herself between my legs, gently parted my pussy lips and inserted her tongue in my juicy opening. I am mindful that her husband has just cum inside of me; she has to be tasting his cum. A moan of pleasure escapes my lips which gives her a sign to go ahead. She runs her tongue from my opening between my pussy lips to my clit. I arch my back in the ecstasy of feeling her soft tongue in my pussy.

I just lie back and let her service my pussy the way a woman knows how with insider knowledge of what us ladies like, how we want our pussy’s eaten, licked, touched. I lose myself in the sensation of woman’s touch and question myself why haven’t I gone there before. Don’t get me wrong I love cock. I love to be dominated by a man but a woman is completely different. His wife has clearly done this before she knows her way around a pussy. She knows all the trigger points. She slowly inserts 2 fingers inside of me as her tongue circles around my engorged clit. I can’t help myself I start to rock my hips in unison with her fingers moving in and out of my pussy.

He husband lies down beside me. He kisses me and starts to fondle my breasts. The sensation of being pleasured by 2 people is going to send me over the edge in a good way. My breathing quickens. Oh fuck this is so good. I reach out and run my hand down his front searching for his cock. I gently encase his cock in my hand and start to stroke him nice and slowly. He is growing hard already I want to be a greedy bitch and take his cock again but I did request earlier that I wanted to watch him fuck his wife. A wicked idea has just entered my mind. I’ll keep that thought to myself for now.

Her licking of my clit is getting faster and harder. I gently push my pussy against her tongue. I ask her to fuck me faster with her fingers. My other hand grabs her hair and I push her face into my pussy. She gets the message that I am about cum. I stroke his now erect cock faster. He can tell I am about to cum. He looks at his wife and tells her “you keep licking her clit lick that she is going to cum all over your tongue”. His wife looks at me and retains eye contact. She is hell bent on making me cum whether I want to or not.

My hips start to move faster, enjoying the sensation of her tongue on my clit. She removes her fingers and both hands are holding on to my arse as she pushes her face deeper between my legs. I can’t hold back anymore. My body starts to quiver as the first signs of orgasm take over my body. I let go of his cock and grab his hip and announce I am going to cum. I scream out as each wave of my orgasm hits me. His wife doesn’t relent she continues to lick my clit as each pulsating contraction of my pussy hits time and time again.

Her husband kisses me and grabs my hand and places it back around his cock. He starts to move his hips and he is fucking my hand. I look at him “don’t you dare mister I have an idea that I know you are going to want to explore”. His wife lies atop of me and kisses me softly and gently. “Fuck that was good! Just what every girl needs….. their pussy eaten by a woman”. She kisses her husband.

I look at them both and smile. He asks me what my idea is.

My idea: you lay us side by side…. me and your wife. You fuck one of us with your cock and pleasure the other with your fingers. Then you swap go back and forth between us until you cum….. who that will be will be totally your decision. He says “fuck I like that idea. I like how your mind works. You’re a naughty, naughty girl.” I wink at him.

We both lay side by side with our legs spread and pussies at the ready to receive cock or fingers. He leans forward kisses me first and then kisses his wife. He positions himself between his wife’s legs. He runs his hand down my thigh, across the front of my pussy. With one hard thrust his ploughs his cock deep inside his wife. He fucks her furiously. His fingers are exploring my pussy then he inserts 2 fingers inside me.

Moans of pleasure escape our lips. He kisses us both again. I look at them both fucking next to me. I want to watch them fucking, I want to see how a husband pleases his wife. His thumb is now circling my clit, rubbing it fuck it feels good. I start to fuck his fingers, I tell him to insert a 3rd finger. I am so wet and aroused as his 3rd digit slips in easily.

I hear the door open, a couple has entered and they are watching us both being serviced by her husband. The couple lie on the floor where I can see them. He has his head buried between her thighs. She is watching us with her hands gripped round her husbands head fucking his tongue as he eats her pussy.

I can feel that I am building up to my next orgasm. He knows it as well. He takes his cock out of his wife. Tells me turn over and get up on my knees. I do as I am told. His wife reaches out and caresses my boobs. With one hard thrust his cock is inside of me. I scream out as he enters me. I tell him to fuck me harder. He grabs my hips and pulls me back into him. I can see that he is now totally focused on me and is not touching his wife. I look at her and tell his wife to move back towards me I plan on fingering her pussy while he is fucking me. She does as I ask and she is now sitting in front me. Her pussy is in my face. Do I dare taste my first pussy now? Do I surprise her and lick her instead as her husband is fucking me.

I start to kiss up the inside of her thighs teasingly not touching her pussy at all. I can sense she is waiting with anticipation as to what I may do. I gently stroke her pussy with my fingers. I part her pussy lips. She has a very pretty pussy. I want to lick her and taste her. I position my fingers at her pussy opening but to her surprise I lick her clit. She moans at the first touch of my tongue. I lick her clit nice and softly. I slowly circle my tongue around and around her now very swollen clit. I make eye contact with her I can tell she wants me to continue.

Her husband is fucking me hard, fast and very deep. At one stage I turn to look at him. He has a huge smile on his face. Tells me it’s so fucking hot watching a woman eating his wife’s pussy. I tell him to feel free to join in but not until he’s finished fucking me. His wife tells him he is to fuck me until he cums as she doesn’t want me to stop licking her pussy. I slowly insert two fingers inside of her now very wet pussy. Why shouldn’t she also feel the sensation of being fucked as well. Our moans are getting louder as we are all building up to climaxing. She gently grabs a hold of my head and rubs her clit against my tongue. She tells me to move my fingers faster and deeper.

Oh fuck I am going to cum. My muffled moans of pleasure give me way. His wife says ‘looks like we are both going to cum at the same time. I turn to say to her husband “fuck me harder, deeper and faster”. He does as he is instructed. His thrusts are pushing my face deeper into his wife’s pussy. She has now started moving her hips in unison with his thrusts inside of my pussy.

We draw attention from the couple on the floor. I swear we are all about to cum at the same time. I can’t hold back any more. I announce I am about to cum. He grabs hold of my hips and his thrusts come quicker. I can hear that he too is close to cumming. Oh fuck I am going to cum. I feel his wife’s first signs of her orgasm and she grabs my head as she cums. I get so turned on by that and him fucking me that I cum next followed by her husband. I am sure the whole house can hear us.

I slowly lick her clit until I can feel she has finished. I lie my head on her stomach as I wait for her husband to stop fucking me. He pulls out of me I crawl forward and kiss his wife. He is now lying next to his wife, I kiss him next. Then snuggle myself between them facing him, his wife cuddles up behind me. Her hand is cupping my breasts. Her husband is facing me his hand firmly grasping my arse. What a way to finish being cocooned between them both.

We hear the couple get up off the floor. I look at them and smile. They leave the room. For me to then notice two other guys had entered the room at some point during our tryst. They tell us that was awesome and also leave.

We lie like this for a few moments. The hostess enters the room and sits on the bed. She thanks us for coming and she has heard great reports of our sexual antics in this room but alas the night is over and it’s time to leave.

We get dressed. I thank the hostess for the invitation and she offers us an invitation to come back any time.

On the drive back to their home we talk about the night. His wife cannot believe that is the first time I have ever eaten pussy. Apparently I was very good at it. They invite me inside; as much as I would love to continue the night I must get home. I kiss them both goodnight and thank them for a wonderful evening.