Written by Musicians212

Aug. 21, 2011

The Shadow Couple

It was a warm summer night with a sky full of a billion stars. Michelangelo couldn’t have painted a lovelier picture as the couple lay on the warm grass beneath the moonlit sky.

“Have you ever done it outside,” he asked as he caressed her soft thigh.

“Yes,” a few times,” she answered shyly, “but it was always later and in a very secluded place.”

“Are you saying that you think we should do it now, here,” he said.

“I thought you were asking me.”

“Well, I was sort of. I’ve always wanted to make love to you under the stars you know.”

“I would make love to you anywhere you wanted” she answered, reaching across and rubbing the growing bulge in his shorts.

He reached over and laid a hand gently on her breast and moving closer began softly kissing her ear. She responded by unbuttoning the top of her blouse and pulling it aside to afford freer access to her bare nipple.

“No bra tonight,” he whispered as he began to slowly roll her hard nipple betweeen his fingertips.

“I thought it might make things easier if I had less clothes to remove.” she giggled. “Actually I’m totally commando. No panties either. See?” With that she pulled his hand down to the leg of her short shorts and helped him slide his fingers between her thighs.

He felt only a light brushing of soft pubic hair and a a slight wetness where normally there would have been silk panties. His manhood stood erect straining to be released from his shorts as he slowly rubbed his fingers through her warm damp bush, easing them ever so steadily into her crack and closer with each stroke to her clit.

He knew he had the right spot even before he felt it by the way she gasped and arched her back with pleasure. “Is that it?” he asked rubbing just a little harder.

“Oh yes,” she breathed, “That’s it.”

Her hands were now fumbling with his belt and she soon had it undone along with his shorts. She quickly slid her hand inside and grasped his straining cock. “I’m not the only commando in the unit she laughed quietly as she released his manhood into the warm night air.

He looked from side to side quickly, “There are other people aound,” he said. “Somebody might see.”

‘I don’t care,” she giggled, “Besides you’ve got a nice cock. It would be a shame if I was the only one who ever saw it.”

She began slowly stroking his shaft in the dim moonlight, while he constantly rubbed her now inflamed clit under her shorts. With his free hand he reached to her waist and undid the shorts then removed his hand from the leg as he slid the other one down from the top quickly finding her clit again and rubbing it with renewed vigor. She was getting wetter and wetter with each stroke of his experienced fingers. They had done this many times before and each knew exactly how to bring the other to climax the best way.

Soon they were so engrossed in their play that they lost all track of what was going on around them. She had just cum for the third time when she opened her eyes and saw two silhouettes standing near their feet. It was hard to tell in the moonlight but it appeared to be a man and a woman, watching their every move.

‘Who are you?” she demanded, pulling her open blouse over her exposed breasts. With one hand and covering her lover’s cock as much as she could with the other.

“Don’t bother covering up now,” came a male voice. “We’ve already seen everything you just hid.

“Yes,’ agreed a husky female voice. “We were hoping to see much more though.”

‘But who are you?” she demanded again. “And what are you doing spying on us?”

“Oh we’re just another couple who enjoy doing exactly what you’re doing, but as for spying . . . you two are barely five feet off the path. Did you think nobody would hear you moaning and look around to see what was going on?”

“I guess we weren’t thinking about much of anything except what we were doing,” she admitted.

“Then carry on and we’ll just stand here and watch,” the man said. “Or, if you like you can back to our place and we could all have some fun together. No pressure, just a thought”

“We don’t even know you!” She gasped, not from indignation but because her man had started vigorously rubbing her swollen clit again. She arched her back violently as a huge orgasm suddenly washed over her. She didn’t know whether it was because she was so aroused or because they were being watched, but the orgasms began hitting her one after the other and with a continuos force she had never experienced before.

She didn’t care who was watching now. All she cared about were the feelings washing over her body and raking her from head to toe, with the most pleasurable sensations she had ever experienced. Her legs twitched and her body shook with violent contortions as he brought her to climax in front of these strangers time after time.

It was some minutes before she gained enough composure to realize that her shorts had been removed and her husband’s fingers had been replaced by his tongue. She was still cumming in uncontrollable waves of ecstacy as the other couple stood silhouetted against the night sky watching their every move. She didn’t care anymore if the whole world was watching. She pulled open her blouse and began rubbing her nipples between her fingers sending waves of pleasure from her breasts to her cunt as though a wire was transmitting the sensations from one to the other. She came even harder soaking her husbands face with her hot juices. Over and over again she came to orgasm, oblivious to their audience of two.

The clouds were rolling in now and it was getting darker by the minute. The silhouettes of the pair standing over them had quickly changed to shadows in the dim light and were now no longer visible at all. She wouldn’t have known they were still there except that she could hear their breathing in the quiet night. It was obvious that they liked what they had seen although in this absence of light they were unlikely to see much more.

Not caring anymore who did or didn’t see what she begged, “Fuck me NOW!”

She felt more than saw him stand, she thought, to remove his shorts, then he was back, slowly, ever so gently inserting his rock hard cock into her dripping cunt. In no time she was cumming again as he deftly slid in and out of her first down one side then moving over ever so slightly and drawing back along the other side of her throbbing hole. This was new, but nice. She couldn’t help but wonder where he had learned this new technique, but then he did like to jerk off to porn when they weren’t together and that was where he’d learned some of his best moves. This was different though. His cock felt slightly different too. As though it was just a little longer as it bottomed out with each thrust. A bit harder than she was used to, but then she suddenly realized his cock usually had no trouble rubbing hard on both sides of her cunt at the same time. He had never needed a move like this new one before.

Again in the throws of orgasm, she spread her legs as wide as she could and pulled her lover down onto her by his shoulders, pulling him into her even deeper as she did so. She felt his lips on hers and his hands on her breasts. She felt him slide his hands under her ass and gently lift her towards his pounding cock. She also felt his hand slide between their glistening wet bodies and begin to once again massage her clit. As she exploded in another gigantic orgasm she realized that there were too many hands on her all at once, but it felt marvelous and all she cared about now were the multiple orgasms that were ravaging her body.

She now knew that it wasn’t her husband inside her, but she no longer cared. She knew it wasn’t her husband who was massaging her clit and it definitely wasn’t he who smelled of women’s perfume as they slid their head down to lick her clit while her cunt was being pounded by this mans cock. She wasn’t bisexual and she could smell the perfume and feel long hair tickling her bare belly but she didn’t care. All she cared about now was the sensation, the wonderful sensation and how many times she could cum before she passed out.

With three pairs of hands on her body, a tongue on her clit and a cock pounding her cunt she was in heaven. She felt something against her lips and parted them to accept another cock, in her mouth. Now this was a cock she knew. It was the right girth and the right length and it tasted familiar. She knew who was in her mouth and it made her cum even harder.

She sucked and licked and played with the balls attached to this cock with relish. This went on for some time before she felt the cock in her mouth begin to pulsate ever so slightly and she tasted the sweetness that always preceded him filling her mouth with his cum. At nearly the same second she heard moaning and felt the cock in her cunt stop after thrusting as deep as possible. She could feel it shooting it’s cargo inside her cunt as it pulsed again and again. The cock in her cunt hadn’t yet stopped pulsing when her husband’s cock, in her mouth, began to throb and she heard the familiar sound he made when he came and tasted the familiar taste of his cum on her tongue.

She lay with her eyes closed as the cock was slowly withdrawn from her cunt, making her shudder over and over as she felt it’s length brush past her clit while leaving her. She felt her husband’s lips on hers and his tongue parting her lips as he tried for a taste of the cum he had just shot in mer mouth and she felt soft warm feminine hands gently massage her cunt, hips and belly before leaving her body.

When she opened her eyes mere moments later, they were alone. The shadow couple, as they would forever refer to them were nowhere in sight. They had dissolved into the night as quickly and as quietly as they had appeared, leaving behind only a pleasant memory.

“Well, have you ever done that before?” she said, as he held her in his arms on the soft grass.

“No,” he answered, “Have you?”

“No, but you can bet we’re gonna do it again!”