Written by Mr Brux (Truescotties)

Oct. 25, 2016


The following events are actual events that occurred in the life of Brian and April, as recounted by Brian himself soon thereafter. However, in order to protect the identities of other individuals, their names have been changed to fictional names. All other descriptions are accurate. We hope that you enjoy this “Short Story”…


Sunday, August 1st 2010, the kids were gone for the evening, the night was young and Brian was feeling fun n’ frisky…. And so, online he went, to find a sexy Lifestyle club to take his ravishingly hot wife April to for some “Hot Playtimes”, both on and off the dance floor. And there on his computer screen, staring at him right in his face were the words; “X-Club: Café Desire Take-Over Night”.

“Sweetie”, he called to his wife in the next room, “I have found the perfect spot for our date night tonight”. And so it was that a few hours later, Brian & April found themselves pulling into the car park of X Club, a Lifestyle club in nearby Mississauga.

Chapter One - “Special Event”

Earlier in the evening, Brian had asked his wife if she would dress sexy and classy for this evening’s special event, in order to do more than just turn heads. He wanted every man (and bi-woman’s) eyes to pop out of their sockets at the mere sight of his sexy Princess April as she walked into the club. She told him that she would do one better than that. She adorned a long, sleek and seductive gold dress of course, but without knickers or a bra! She also wore a loose glittering gold bracelet and a necklace that were bedecked with shiny stones of various colours and hues. April was determined to fulfil Brian’s very request, and so no effort was spared in looking her best……

They arrived at the club at a reasonable hour, ten minutes past ten to be exact. The club was quiet, with just a few couples milling around; some dancing, some sitting at the bar enjoying small chit chat, and others lounging on the lush white couches that overlooked the dance floor. This being their first visit to this particular venue, the slightly nervous couple readily accepted the offer of a personal tour of the club by the handsome, debonair club owner himself. With mouths agape, they toured the facility in awe, surrounded by such sensual grandeur, exquisite lighting and extremely clean rooms (that they have never before witnessed in any Lifestyle club). Initially, before leaving their home and heading out to the club, April had informed her husband Brian that she had no desire to “play this evening” but the mere sensuality of the play areas of this club quickly excited April’s senses, and so it was that she quietly whispered in Brian’s ear “I want to fuck you senseless in here later”.

April always gets frisky when she drinks an alcoholic beverage, so it was no-brainer when Brian ordered her a Chocolate Mudslide. Taking their drinks to the lounge area, the couple sat and scoured the room for some potential “playmates” to spend the evening with. Slowly, the club started to fill up with other hot, sexy young couples there for the same reason: SEX!

Stroking his wife’s hair as she sipped on her drink, Brian asked her to dance - time to test just how she was feeling (she was 11 weeks pregnant after all). He slid his hand down inside her dress and stroked her smooth, naked back. She smiled and kissed him softly on the lips, with her dreamy eyes locked onto his. Suitably encouraged, Brian then slid his hand to the side of her right breast, and stroked her nipple with his thumb and forefinger. He felt her nipple grow hard. She kissed him again. At that moment, Brian noticed an inquisitive couple watching them; the husband licking his lips in appreciation. Brian twisted his April around, so that she would not see the couple watching as he pulled up her dress, revealing her naked flesh and squeezed her soft, supple butt cheeks, kissing her mouth deeply as he did so. Brian knew that this would excite the other couple to the point of giving the husband an instant erection and the wife an immediate “moisture release” down below. His suspicions were soon confirmed, as he soon witnessed the wife starting to massage her husband’s groin area with her left hand. This only served to make Brian all the more hornier…..

By now, Brian was holding April close. He had both hands on her buttocks as they danced, pulling her against him, rubbing his erection against her crotch. April placed both hands around his neck and rubbed herself against him. His hands were squeezing her soft rear end. He was slowly hitching her golden dress up. Everyone could now see her naked butt cheeks.

April's dress was much higher now, with her bum nuzzled up against Brian’s groin, nudging his rock hard member as her hips swayed back and forth. The couple dancing next to them could clearly see the finely shaved vagina, and the top table crowd had an even better view than them. April must have felt everyone’s eye’s staring at her crotch, but she did nothing to conceal her “private” area, as she was just loving all the attention she was garnering.

Chapter Two - “The Lap Dance”

After dancing for several songs, and being watched and admired by many other couples scattered around the room as well as on the dance floor, Brian and April were thirsty again and so they returned to their table. Although the evening was off to a good start, Brian and April were a little lonely and were wishing that their good friend Lucy (alternate name submitted here to protect her identity) and her husband Andrew (alternate name submitted here to protect his identity) could have joined them this night. Brian went to the car to get April’s phone, and texted Lucy the ever popular message that everyone sends to their friends; “wish you were here”. After hitting “Send”, Brian returned inside the club only to discover that three of the couples who had been watching them dance, had summarily joined April on the couch area and were deep in conversation. “Now, we are talking. This night just keeps getting better and better” Brian thought to himself as he joined the group that were flirting with his Princess. Introductions were made, hands shaken, stories exchanged and breasts flashed……

"I love this song", April told Brian. She was giving him his first lap dance of the evening. “So do I”, he murmured in agreement through pursed lips, moaning in pleasure as she shook and twisted her small, taut sexy ass on his lap. His hands were inside her dress, both breasts cupped in his firm, strong hands. The lower part of April’s dress was already pulled up over her waist, exposing her smooth buttocks to his dress pants that were covertly concealing his rigid hard cock, which was throbbing with anticipation of full release later in the evening. “I love you sweetie”, he gently whispered in her ear as he stroked her back. April then rearranged her position, sitting facing him while riding his lap as she wrapped her arms around his neck. This made it even easier for Brian to caress, lick and suck his wife’s gorgeous mounds of heavenly pleasure. April then slid her hand down to his crotch and squeezed his cock; "You might want to put that to good use later tonight".

Chapter Three - “Shapes and Shadows”

As he glanced around the room, all Brian could see were shapes and shadows, but he knew that from every direction eyes were focussed in their direction. “Good” he said to himself, “this is what we came for; to put on a show that no one will soon forget”. They were hardly moving on the couch now, except for the slow, rhythmic movement of April’s dripping, hot wet pussy on Brian’s groin, just swaying from one side to the other, up and down, backwards and forwards….. Brian suspected that their captive audience noticed every little nuance of movement there too. It was such a turn on, being watched by so many other, young, sexy and frivolous couples like themselves. April then reached in for her favourite type of kiss; the “Frenchie”. The feel of her husband’s tongue in her mouth was tantalizingly delicious, and April found herself sucking on it as if it were a miniature penis. Both of Brian's hands were now on her breasts; squeezing them through her dress and making April very excited.

“Yike’s”, he said as he glanced at his watch, “it’s 5 minutes past 1 lass, we had better make our way to the back room now if we want to get in some playtime”. April, fully aroused now, readily agreed and so, excusing themselves from the group that they were sitting with, made their way to the brightly lit neon sign that read “Vacancy”.

"You're giving me a hard on" he told her as they entered the back area.

April patted his groin, quickly realising that he was telling the truth. She grabbed hold of his cock and squeezed it hard. "Is that all it takes, a neon sign?" she asked, laughing.

"No”, he grinned sheepishly. “the thought of you sucking my cock in front of all those other couples here is what turns me on", Brian replied.

April let go of his cock and slid her dress up, revealing both buttock cheeks. Brian swung back his hand and playfully smacked his hand across her exposed flesh, “Ouch”, she laughed as she let her dress drop back down into place.

Chapter Four - “The Voyeur Room”

“One locker please”, they asked the attendant as they were handed two towels and a pair of slippers. Excitement and anticipation was heavy in the air, so much so that you could almost smell the “sexiness” of the mood that everyone was in. “All of the private rooms are full right now, but you are welcome to play in the group area if you wish”, the attendant informed them as they quickly changed out of their clothes.

Surprisingly enough, there was actually one small voyeur room with a window so that others could watch you playing, available near the end of the hall. So, after a quick tour of the group play area, Brian and April decided to start off their fun and frolicking festivities in the “voyeur room”. The first thing they did was make sure that the curtain was fully open, so that they could have a willing audience. This happily married couple are true exhibitionists and just love being watched as they make love (and also love to watch other couples making love too).

April threw her man on the bed, whipped off his towel and in one swift motion, she leaned down and took his penis into her mouth and began to suck and stroke it with her tongue. He placed his hands on her bare thighs and squeezed with every hard suck and oral fuck. She could taste the salty, slimy pre-cum dribbling from the slit in his purple mushroom shaped penis head, and her tongue flicked up and down the slit gently, tasting the sexy sauce of her Scottish husband. She went deep and came up repeatedly, seeing how much Brian enjoyed it by the pulsating of his dick and movements of his body…..

"God yes," Brian groaned as he placed his hands on the back of her head now, grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her face deeper onto his manhood. "Suck it April! Suck my cock!" he quietly moaned. His thick Scottish accent and the feeling of his cock in her mouth made April so hot for him and all she wanted was more of him and that cock! She so wanted to please him.... So, April flattened her tongue along the underside of her husband’s smooth shaft, curling it to fit snugly around the sides and relaxed her throat as she let him continue to stuff his “Scottish Sausage” in her mouth.

Then Brian, feeling close to the edge but not wanting to cum just yet, slowly pulled April’s head away from his penis, laid her on her back and moved his right hand down her body until he reached her core. He pushed his fingers into her opening, gathering some of her juices, and then proceeded to rub the juices on her clit, teasing it as it hardened further under his ministration. She began to feel her body coil inside, with the anticipation of the orgasm soon to come. Brian then pushed his middle finger back inside of her, allowing his thumb to continue to work on her clit.

April could not have stopped the moans that escaped from her lips even if she had wanted to. He pushed another digit into her. Brian’s two middle fingers now started to wriggle up and down, as he stroked the naked labial lips of his wife’s moist, warm pussy. There was no need for any lubrication here, April’s vagina was already dripping wet from all of the earlier excitement in the dance area. April closed her eyes, arched her back and moaned in pleasure as Brian’s fingers then drove deep into the inner walls of her vagina. His husky voice and the new invader in her body was enough to send April over the edge and just as she began to recover, she felt him remove his fingers only to be replaced by his tongue. April moaned with feelings of pleasure, security and arousal as she felt the warmth of his breath on her exposed vagina, and the feel of his soft tongue flicking her labia. When his tongue probed her, an orgasm rose in April almost immediately. Mere words cannot describe the moment, his tongue, his hands, his body against hers. It was almost magical……

Chapter Five - “69”

“Mmmmmmm, so sweet and tasty” he said to himself, as he savoured the sweet nectar of his Princess’s pleasure zone”. Sucking and licking her clit, Brian could feel every sensation as they rushed through April’s now taut, naked body. This only heightened his own arousal, and wanting to share more fully in the experience, Brian shifted his position so that his cock now entered his wife’s hungry mouth as they experienced their first “69” at X Club in front of the admiring eyes of two couples now watching through the window. Brian couldn’t help but notice the looks of admiration on the faces of the onlookers as they watched him and his wife giving wonderful oral to each other.

“I want to play in the group area now, next to other couples”, he said as he stopped licking and sucking her pussy, took her by the hand and pulled her to her feet. He led her towards the door.

By now, the group area was a lot busier, with one bed available at the far left end of the room, with an audience already sitting and watching the other couples playing on the beds. Not needing an invitation, Brian quickly helped April up onto the vacant bed and immediately got to work putting on a show that no one would quickly forget! Laying his Princess on her back, spreading her legs wide, exposing her vibrant, pink and inviting pussy, his fingers found her wet slit aching to be rubbed. “Oh Yes!” she moaned as he inserted his fingers between her legs, rubbing her wet, juicy pussy with hard, firm pressure. "Make me cum Sweetie!" April moaned. "Oh Brian yes! Make me cum. Oooooohhhhhhhhh!"

"Please, make me cum," she continued to beg as he pushed his fingers up inside her pussy and worked them quickly back and forth till they were all sticky with her juices. "Oh! OH!" April cried. "Yes Honey! OH!" His fingers stabbed in and out even faster, building her up to a wonderful orgasm. "Make me cum Brian...Uhhh!"

But, just then he stopped short of giving her a full orgasm, her body reeling from the sensations of pre-cumming as Brian sat there with his fingers still inserted in her clenching vagina, grabbing his hand with her hands and almost screaming; “Make me CUM!!!!”.

“Not yet”, he gently responded, as he teased her and made her want him all the more. “I want to taste you again first”, he added, as he leaned over to taste the pre-cum that was now slowly seeping out of April’s swollen vagina.

Brian hungrily proceeded to flick his tongue up and down April’s vaginal walls, sucked on her labia and teased her clitoris with his tongue and lips. It wasn’t long before April was moaning and groaning once again in sheer ecstasy, her body tingling as she very quickly experienced a full clitoral orgasm, sending cream flowing into Brian’s hungry mouth. So sweet and tasty were the juices that now flowed freely, that Brian’s own arousal went up tenfold. Positioning his cock in April’s mouth, Brian continued to work his magic on her pussy, while she licked, sucked and deep throated his now rock solid member. "Oh yeah, suck it," she heard his deep, manly Scottish voice saying softly. "Suck my cock....mmm... deeper….uhhhhhh…."

"Ooohhhh yes," Brian growled throatily. "Take it all lass! Take it all in your sweet wee mouth." The couple laying on the bed next to them could hear April gagging on Brian’s cock, the wet sucking sound of her spitting it back out as she came up for air.

Chapter Six - “Magic Touch”

Anyone that knows Brian, will confirm to you that he does indeed have the “Magic Touch” when it comes to using his fingers. He can make any woman experience multiple clitoral orgasms, vaginal squirts and G-Spot gushers with just his fingers alone. Even women, who have never had this experience and may have even thought that they were incapable of such a mind blowing experience, have been successfully “released” by Brian’s magic fingers. And April is no exception. Just two weeks prior to this evening, with only 5 minutes to go before April had to leave for work, Brian successfully made his wife squirt multiple times within 52 seconds and gush within 1 minute and 20 seconds!

With the towels now securely placed under April’s gaping wet vagina, Brian proceeded to entertain the crowd who were now watching with bated breath, in eager anticipation of seeing first hand a gorgeous young blonde woman, orgasm like there was no tomorrow! The clitoral orgasm had grabbed their attention, and even the three couples on the beds to the left of them had stopped what they were doing and now all eyes in the room were fixed on the fingers that gently and firmly massaged the inner crevices of April’s now swollen mound, waiting, and wondering if there was to be more…….

April screamed as if she was on a roller coaster and then ejaculated a huge jet of love honey; this was a total surprise to the onlookers, some of whom had never witnessed a woman “squirting” before! For many, a woman’s release was usually nothing more than a trickle and totally unlike the spray that they had just witnessed here. The folds of April's pussy were swollen at this point which made Brian’s efforts a whole lot easier, and from his wife's continued moans and gasps he knew that she was enjoying every moment of what he was doing. In between licking at April’s pussy, he even attempted to fuck her pussy using his tongue.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh”, her orgasm broke through the final barrier & she cried out in a shattering, juddering & thrilling peak as his fingers worked her pussy & clit expertly. She exploded then; it was all too much pleasure to hold back! April’s neatly shaved pussy oozing thick girl cum all over Brian’s magic fingers. But wait, it wasn’t over yet. He thrust his fingers into her again - this time without any warning. He pumped them in and out over and over. Curving his finger’s up and in, putting pressure on her fully swollen g-spot , gently but firmly squeezing it, making it continue to fill. April’s body was now on fire, screaming for sweet release! Yet again, her inner parts filled completely with pussy juice, her g-spot bloated with hot, sweet liquid just bursting to explode!

Chapter Seven - “Multi-Orgasmic”

April was fully aroused and started to climax after only about 30 more seconds of finger and tongue action. She thrust her hips back and forth, trying to make Brian’s fingers go deeper and harder inside of her, then let out an “Oohhh” and he knew she had just climaxed again. At this point April said she was spent, but Brian (being the horny Scotsman that he is) had no thoughts or illusions of stopping now and so ignored April’s plea’s to be allowed to sleep. He proceeded on, making his wife cum yet again and again. She had barely finished shuddering from her latest orgasm, when she felt the muscles of her vagina tightening around his two middle fingers, and so she started an up and down motion again. Her hands went to Brian’s chest and she began lightly pinching his nipples and grabbing his chest hairs as she began gyrating her torso around his fingers as she ever so slowly raised up and down, back and forth…...

She couldn’t believe it, but she felt yet another orgasm coming on. Kissing her midriff and massaging her breasts with his other hand, Brian moved his fingers up and down faster. He could feel her excitement rise from the increased action, and knew that she was on her way to the “next level” of orgasm! Ten more seconds of fingering and she did indeed cum again, this time exploding and squirting all over the towels that had been so strategically placed under her earlier. Continuing on, Brian was determined to enable April to experience all three types of orgasms this evening. By now, she had already had a clitoral orgasm, followed by multiple vaginal orgasms (squirts) and was now well on the way to experience the penultimate orgasm of all: The Gusher!!

Starting slowly at first then building the pressure until she could no longer handle it, April was sent screaming into yet another orgasm and, after one more deep thrust of those magic fingers that penetrated straight to her heart, April “Gushed”, liquid pouring out of her gaping pussy and thoroughly drenching the bed sheets, towels etc.

“Now it’s my turn” Brian excitedly protested as April laid her head back on the pillows and moaned; “I’m tired now, I just want to sleep”. After a few seconds of pleading, April reluctantly acceded to her husband’s request and so had him lay flat on his back. Slowly, April worked her way down his chest, pausing at his navel, to tease a little, and then took his cock tip in between her lips whilst her tongue licked the head. Brian stiffened. His back arched as she played along the length of his shaft. At one point he sat up and gasped slightly as he felt the blood rushing through his brain, with feelings of electricity coursing through his entire body.

“Would you like to jump on now?” he asked, knowing full well what his wife’s answer would be. “Of course I do sweetie, I want you deep inside of me now!” He breathed out and beckoned her with his eyes and she responded by climbing on top of him and placing his dick inside of her hot, soaking wet pussy. He wiggled his body under her and prepared himself for what was guaranteed to be the ride of his life! She sat upon him and felt the full extent of his being inside of her and began to lift herself up and down on his throbbing, hard cock. With every move up she felt it more and more down. Brian grabbed her thighs, pulled her tight onto him, thrust his hips up and let her do all the work that brought them so much joy and satisfaction. Deep, hard and fast, April thrust her whole body up and down on her husband’s shaft, make him breathless with excitement. Not able to stop himself from letting April do all of the work, Brian then began to thrust in rhythm with his gorgeous, sexy blonde Canadian wife that he called his Princess!

Chapter Eight - “The Climax”

Just then, over the Club public announcement system came the dreaded message, “The X Club Lounge will be closing in five minutes”. Spurred on by this, April anxiously begged her husband to cum quickly, together before it was too late. “No problem”, was his response as he cupped his wife’s full, supple breasts in his hands, thrust his penis deeper into her body. April’s vagina began to tighten around Brian’s manhood and he quickened his pace. Harder and faster with each pound, making her scream with great intensity. Both their pelvic areas throbbed from the hard and continual pounding that had kept up steadily. Blonde hair flew in the air as April threw her head back and forth, fingernails digging into Brian’s chest, and breathy moans and groans emanating with intense pleasure and sexual satisfaction, and yelled at the top of her lungs; “I’m cummmmminnnngggg”. With a scream her body stiffened up but then dropped limp and he knew that he had fucked her good and made her cum. “Not yet, he exclaimed and continued to pound hard and fast, building up his wife’s juices yet another time! “Here I cummmmm”, they both echoed in unison, as they climaxed together, with April’s body being pumped full of sweet, hot, sticky Scottish semen! April had felt the fire hot liquid explode inside of her, filling her up and causing her to climax over and over again, mixing her own cum with her husband’s sweet creamy cum. April’s pussy was now a veritable creamery as their juices deliciously mixed inside of her. After a minute or two, (once he had collected his breath) Brian pulled his now semi-hard penis out from her, laid next to his sexy wife on the (now drenched with cum and pussy juice) bed and looking lovingly into her eyes, and softly whispered; “I love you so much April” while planting one last kiss on her soft glistening lips just as the final announcement over the loudspeakers informed everyone; “The X-Club is now closed”.

Final Chapter - “Time to head home”

Both finished and exhausted, they laid in the bed to recover for a few minutes before getting up (April could feel the rush of liquid pouring out of her pussy and could hear it dripping noisily onto the floor below) and walking proudly past the admiring eyes of their captivated audience, who had watched enthralled at the adventures of “Truescotsman74” and his sexy wife April. While on her way to the restroom to freshen up, April’s head was swimming with passion as she felt the warm sweet cum still sliding down her wet creamy thighs.

Sliding on shoes, dress, pants and shirt, they got dressed and headed home on the 401 to Milton.

The end.

Written by Brian.

August 2nd, 2010.