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Jan 7, 2016

It’s surprising how difficult it is to arrange for someone to have sex with another man’s wife, even when everyone involved wants it to happen. MMFf . . ff . . Mmf . . Mf . . fM, oral, toys, spanking

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We met over the net. They ran an ad looking for some ‘adventure’ on a local swinger’s contact board. There was something about the ad that caught my attention, a husband running an ad on behalf of his executive wife looking for an event to join: “a gang-bang, hockey team or golf tournament”. I called the number listed in the ad and asked for ‘The Hammer’ when a female voice answered. She immediately asked if I could call back at another time explaining that they were in a funeral procession as I called.

She sounded interesting. I think I’ll keep this number and call again in a week or two. I wondered what the right protocol was for calling someone for a gangbang after they attend a funeral? I forgot, misplaced the number but I had taken a copy of the ad.

About a month later, I spotted the copy of the ad in my file directory as I was working on another story to send to someone. I wonder? I called again and left a message.

The next day a man’s voice came on my cell phone asking if I was the ‘Erotic Author’ returning my call. I asked why ’Hammer’ and he asked why ‘Erotic Author’? As we chatted, I found out that he was looking for a new career opportunity in my field and I offered to help him, almost forgetting about the original purpose of the call. A few days later, there he was in my office for an interview. We chatted for an hour or so and I offered to help him with his resume. As we talked, I was more and more curious about his wife. He was built like a football player, 35 to 40ish, blond hair and a great smile.

As we talked, he mentioned that his wife was also looking for a new position (employment related!) and agreed to send me her resume when he left. She was an Office Manager for a computer company that was having some post-recession difficulty and now she was only working three days a week.

A few days after they spent two weeks at a Hedo club in Jamaica, a slim, blond attractive woman showed up in the middle of the afternoon for an interview. The description in their ad, did not do her justice:

“Hot wife 38, 36c natural tits, trim tight pussy, shaved, spankable ass, long blonde hair, 5'7" 130 lbs., multi-orgasmic, submissive. Available for ultra discreet outings, golf clubs, private men’s clubs, poker, hospitality suites, Birthdays, sales contests, ski chalets. I am not a call girl I am a discreet happily married professional woman who likes side adventures. Just honest good fun.”

She was wearing a cream colored blouse with a deep v-neck but it was one of those ones that have a built scarf style collar combination. Over the blouse she wore a sharp turquoise suede jacket and skirt set. The jacket held the neckline of the blouse fairly tight together so the scarf was puffed out in the front and I couldn’t even get a glimpse of her cleavage. The jacket didn’t give away and secrets either. The skirt was business length, but as she sat across from my desk, her thighs were distracting. Why hadn’t I scheduled this interview much later after work when the office was empty, so we could have spent some personal time together?

By this time, it was late spring heading into summer and everybody’s schedule was getting busy. They went to the cottage almost every weekend and it was hard to arrange a weeknight event and have enough time for some fun. He called me early one week in late June and asked me if I was available for the next weekend. He was going on a men’s weekend and she was going to be home alone. He asked me if I could ‘entertain’ her.


I was going whitewater rafting with a mixed group of friends and since I was the organizer of the trip, it would be very hard to back out. I tried. One day in July when we were working on his resume in my office, he asked again and again, I had arranged a camping trip for a mixed group of friends for the same weekend. Things just were not working out in the adventure department.

In August, a client asked me if I knew of an Office Manager that might be looking for a new position. He wanted someone upbeat, fun and mature enough to deal with all kinds of clients. I thought of Shauna immediately. A week later she was going through second interviews and we still haven’t had any time to play together or to take her out for an adventure. Not wanting to create any conflicts between my client and my new friends. I met other couples for some erotic adventures while Trevor and I kept in touch fairly regularly.

One of the other couples that I met on line was John and Holly. Late in the fall, I answered their ad with the heading: “Purely recreational sex”. We exchanged e-mails and I sent them a couple of my recent stories. We tried to schedule a couple of meetings but something always seemed to get in the way. John had sent me pictures of Holly with himself and a couple of other friends in a very elegant office, obviously after work and after dark. She was slim with petit, perky breasts and thimble like nipples. She had long light brown hair, creamy smooth skin and was shaved showing off a pair of puffy pink lips parted slightly exposing a darker clitoris. She had a cute nose, a great smile and wore nothing but a gold chain around her neck. She was obviously having fun with these guys who were focusing all of their attention on her.

John was tall and distinguished looking with a medium hairy chest and a full head of white hair. In the pictures he wore nothing but a silver chain. You could see his erection was bigger than a handful and he too was shaved. It was January by now and Trevor and I came up with the idea of taking Shauna out for an evening of fun with John and Holly. John loved the idea and we developed a plan.

By the time we could find a free night for everyone, it was early February. I met Trevor and Shauna at a coffee shop downtown at about 6:45PM. We had arranged for Shauna to have a ‘job interview’ with John in his office. We signed in at 10 to 7 at the lobby security desk and John’s assistant, Holly came down to the lobby to meet us and escort us back up to his suite of offices. She looked as good or better in person than in the photos.

Holly was wearing a pair of knee high black boots, black stay-ups, a medium-short black skirt and tailored jacket outfit with a single string of pearls. She was very professional as she escorted us into John’s office and helped everyone with their coats and offered an assortment of refreshments. Trevor was wearing a dark suit with a white shirt and tie and carried a black brief case. As I looked closer sitting across from him, I could tell that it wasn’t new and as he saw me eyeing it, he just waved his finger no-no-no and smiled.

Shauna was sitting on the black leather couch at the end next to John, in a matching leather swivel chair at the end of the coffee table. Trevor was at my end of the couch with the brief case on the floor almost unnoticed. I was in an antique, high back side chair across from the couch at the other end of the glass table from John and Shauna. As we started to get comfortable Holly disappeared and John started asking Shauna his opening questions. He looked the part wearing a black shirt with the neck open, black dress pants, socks, expensive well-shined shoes and a mischievous smile.

It should have been Shauna who was smiling. She kept answering John’s questions with yes, no, maybe. She knew the game but was being a bit difficult. John kept working trying to get her to give him something to work with. Holly interrupted by entering the room behind John to Shauna’s right asking if we needed anything, turning on soft music and turning down the lights a bit before she left, complaining about how very hot it was in the offices. It was a 50-year-old downtown, cement and glass office tower just across from city hall. The last place you would suspect for an erotic party for four or five. John’s office was quite large with oak shelving, sports mementos and a large antique carved wooden desk in the middle of the room. We were seated between the desk and the hall behind the couch.

John just kept asking questions, how many years of experience, school, previous jobs, what was she looking for in a new job. Holly interrupted again to pour some ice water, complaining about how hot it was having taken off her jacket. Wow. She was wearing a tight black waist to bust bustier, laced up the back with her breasts almost over flowing the small cups. Very, very sexy. As she leaned over to pour the ice water, reaching across the table towards me, there was a definite stirring and tightening in my pants and a huge grin on Trevor’s face. John gently rubbed her ass as she slowly poured the water giving both Trevor and I enough time to enjoy the view.

John agreed that it was getting hot and suggested that Shauna take off her jacket too. As she stood up taking the jacket off she revealed a white tight fitting blouse, showing just a bit of dark colored bra underneath. This was the first time that I actually got some idea of just how busty Shauna was. I was thinking 38C might actually be 38D and I’m a breast man. I think that’s when Trevor took his jacket off and loosened his tie too.

This is when I realized that I was actually writing three stories here. Trevor was watching Holly disappear into the hall again and was anxious to help Shauna to get on with it. John was staring at the dark outline showing through Shauna’s blouse. I was enjoying watching the whole story unfold and I knew the script.

Heater finally gave John something to work with. He asked her about business travel. She said that she enjoyed the periodic ‘adventure’ away from home. “We have a casino client in Las Vegas. He likes showgirls and he likes to party.” “No Problem?” . . . . . . . “He sometimes likes to mess around?” “That’s no problem, I’m good at handling clients like that and arranging discreet parties.” Trevor interjected, “Tell us more about some of your previous trips . . ”

As John talked about their last trip and his last assistant he explained that ‘Susan’ was so upset with this client that she spent the following week talking about Sexual Harassment. Shauna came to life, “I thought Sexual Harassment was a company benefit! Her-ass is two words isn’t it?”

John came back quickly, “We had another major client, a VP of Sales who wanted Susan to de-brief him over dinner. By de-brief, he meant take them off but she didn’t quite get it so he asked her directly to ‘suck his cock’. Could you handle that?” Quickly she shot back, “His question or his cock?” Finally, the game was on! . . “I’d take him back to the office and fuck him if he gave us enough business!” The language was deteriorating and I noticed Trevor was starting to squirm a bit adjusting his pants. Maybe it is getting hotter in here.

“Are you sure you could handle that?” John asked leaning forward in his chair resting his elbows on his knees, staring at Shauna. Shauna started to tell him about her last trip to Rochester of all places where there is nothing to do except supply your own entertainment. Her boss, the President of some Marketing Board and the prospective client went out for dinner. After dinner her boss and the Board guy left for another meeting, leaving her with the new client. As she talked Holly came in the door to her right and sat on the arm of the leather couch. As Shauna described in detail how she entertained him in her hotel suite, you could see it was getting both John’s and Holly’s attention. Both of them shifted around a bit as they sat listening. Shauna was getting warmed up. As she finished her story, our attention shifted to Holly.

Holly had taken her skirt off. She was wearing black stay-ups with a pair of black Victoria Secret lace panties and the bustier. From her moving around, her breasts were starting to bulge out a bit more and now you could see the darkness of her areola peeking out above the cups like an early morning rising sun. The combination of Shauna’s story and Holly’s new wardrobe, I too was rising.

John asked if Shauna had ever handled more than one client? Shauna started to describe her last company’s 60th Anniversary party where three Vice-Presidents of a new client flew in for the party. Holly sat listening on the arm of the couch beside Shauna sliding her arm across the back of the couch behind Shauna, leaning closer to her as she talked. Trevor subtly rested his arm across the back of the couch, meeting Holly’s fingers in the middle. Both stories were starting to come to life. Shauna seemed to lean into Holly’s left breast a bit as she described how she handled the VP-threesome and got significantly more business from them.

I could see John was pleased, but now had to find a way to take things to the next level. He turned his attention to Holly rubbing her right thigh with his left hand. “After hours Holly likes to let her hair down too.” As he spoke, Holly did just that reaching back and removing the clip from her hair. “You should do the same Shauna.” She too reached back and removed the clip from her hair, framing her face with long blond rustled strands looking like she had just finished having sex. Holly complained again about how hot it was and as Shauna agreed, she reached over to help undo the buttons to Shauna’s blouse. Shauna stood up automatically as Holly slid the blouse back off of her shoulders. Her arms got caught behind her in the sleeves because neither of them had undone the cuff buttons. With Shauna’s arms pulled back like that, her breasts bulged out even more above her lacy deep red half-cup bra. All four of us were staring, myself, John, Holly and even Trevor.

As she sat back down, John forged ahead. Holly sitting on the arm of the couch holding Shauna’s hand and John moving his chair forward so he could stroke Shauna’s right knee. Trevor moved forward to the edge of the couch so he could get a better view, taking off his tie. “Do you like Holly’s outfit tonight?” he asked as Holly stroked Shauna’s hair with her left hand. She smiled up at Holly, John continued, “It looks like Holly likes you.” Clearly Shauna liked the attention as the small talk and touching continued. I remember Shauna saying, “Even in high school, I hung around with a bunch of guys. . . .”

John moved to the couch sitting between Shauna and Trevor as she spoke. John made the next move asking, “May I kiss you?” He gently kissed her cheek and then her ear as he started to fondle her left breast. Holly followed reaching for the right one. As John started to kiss her neck Shauna whispered, “My nipples are very sensitive” leaning her head back and sliding her hips forward on the couch. Trevor moved to the chair where John had been to my left, setting the briefcase on the floor beside him.

As John kissed Shauna’s left shoulder, Holly kissed Shauna, causing her to stir where she was sitting again. The attention John was paying to her shoulder, caused her bra strap to fall down her arm, allowing her left breast to partially escape from her bra. As he turned his attention back to asking her questions, Holly slipped down to the floor between Shauna’s knees, kissing and fondling the exposed left breast while sliding the right bra strap down past Shauna’s elbow, peeling back the bra cup as it went exposing the most suckable nipple I’ve seen in a while.

With Holly’s back to Trevor and I, we were treated to the site of her wiggling, firm butt, barely covered by the thin stripe of lace down the middle. A bit more than a thong, but fortunately, not much more. Trevor reached forward to gently massage Holly, periodically reaching down between her thighs as Holly was working with one of her hands up Shauna’s skirt between her legs, which were limply spread as far as the hemline would allow. My attention was drawn back to John as he asked Shauna, “I think this interview is going well don’t you?” Shauna answered, “It might be better if I take this skirt off . . .” standing, as Holly shifted back further onto Trevor’s hand. As she stood up her bra fell down her arms onto the floor while she unzipped and slid her skirt off. Fabulous, another pair of loose lace thong like panties with Holly’s hand stretching them before Shauna even sat down. As Shauna sat down, Holly asked, “Does anybody need anything?” not waiting for an answer before returning to her massaging and nibbling.

Trevor couldn’t wait much longer to get involved. He opened the brief case and took out a mitt with soft black fur on one side. He started to use it to gently tingle Holly’s shoulders and butt, massaging gently as she wiggled to follow his hand. Shauna helped out by taking down Holly’s shoulder straps and encouraging one of her breasts out over the top of her bustier. John quietly left the room as the two girls continued to get to know each other. Trevor handed the fur mitt to Shauna as he started to look for other toys in the case. Looking out of the corner of her eye at the mitt on her shoulder, Holly asked, “What is that?” Shauna explained that it was a ‘Spanking Mitt’. One side was leather for spanking and the other was soft fur for use on a red sore butt after the first side was well used. Holly invited, “How does it work?” raising her waist higher, exposing more of her almost bare butt to Trevor.

Trevor slapped her hard enough to elicit a yelp from Holly as she popped her head up from between Shauna’s thighs. After about three medium hard slaps, John came back in the room, naked and sat down beside Shauna again asking about the glove. Shauna volunteered that they always brought a bag of toys and had found some really interesting ones at various swing conventions and events that they were at. Holly was leaning back to join the conversation, allowing Shauna to stand and slide her disheveled panties to the floor. She was shaved bare, pink, puffy and visibly wet. What a picture, even better than I expected. She was slim for a mother of two with a soft flat tummy and she was a vision standing over Holly sitting on the floor between her legs licking her like a puppy. While Shauna was standing, John put his right leg across the back of the seat with the left one on the floor, so that when Shauna sat down, she was between his legs on the couch. John was a bit heavy set, not fat, with strong thick, very hairy legs and a fairly large erection standing at attention. He was also shaved.

As Shauna reached over to explore what John had to offer, Trevor stood up to take off his shirt and pants. Holly helped by undoing his belt, button and zipper while she was still in front of him on the floor. As he slid his pants down, her eyes widened and she exclaimed, “It is just like a wide Hammer.” After giving her a minute or two to explore him, Trevor helped her up and started un-lacing the back or her black bustier erotically sliding it up over her head. With her arms extended above her head, Holly’s tits were perky and firm with thimble hard nipples.

Holly knelt back down on the floor in front of the couch where Shauna was now kneeling on the couch tending to John with her back and butt to us. Holly’s left hand was working between Shauna’s legs from behind while her right hand was reaching around to massage Shauna’s breasts which were now hanging down from her chest allowing us to see just how big they really were.

Trevor went back into the brief case to find more toys. He brought out a blindfold/sleep mask for Shauna and a short paddle as John talked about what a nice spankable butt Holly had. Trevor returned to the spanking mitt and gave Holly a few more swats. She seemed to be particularly enjoying this. Trevor was telling John about the spanking paddle that Shauna had won in a spanking contest when Holly asked if he could do a better job with it than the mitt. Trevor continued to spank her harder and harder with the paddle as she teased, “I’m tough, I can take it!”

The view from my vantage point was about as good as it gets. The profile view of Shauna going down on John with her breasts gyrating from the pumping of her head and shoulders. The profile view of Holly still working on Shauna with her now very red butt, framed by white thighs and a narrow band of black lace. It was Holly that made the next move asking Trevor, “Do you just spank or do you fuck too?” Trevor had her laying back on the carpet at the end of the couch almost immediately sliding her panties down over her high black leather boots, drawing their zippers down as he went. Holly helped kick them off as she spread her legs and leaned back on the floor. This was my first real look at Holly. Attractive smile, perky tits, a very slim waist and shaved bare just like Shauna but with a dark clitoris sticking out from between her tight pink pussy lips. She looks maybe 25 to 30 at the most but is really almost 39. Wow.

Trevor started at the top, biting Holly’s neck and then sucking and pulling on Holly’s nipples with his mouth as his right hand started to explore her wet crotch. Each time he sucked hard on one of the nipples, she would start to moan so he started to bite and pull on them, causing her to moan louder. She reached her hands above her head, grabbing the legs of a table and as Trevor bit and pulled, she held her shoulders back tight to the carpet and yelped like she was hit by lightning bolts of pleasure each time a nipple pulled from his teeth and snapped back into place giggling.

Shauna appeared from my right as John left to get a condom. She went down on Trevor getting him erect and wet so he too could put on a condom. This is when things started to get complicated and hard to keep track. John came back in and was on the floor fingering Shauna from behind. Shauna was sucking on Holly’s left nipple while Trevor was biting on her right. Holly on her back and Shauna on her hands and knees above her, Holly and Trevor were playing with Shauna’s dangling breasts. You could tell Shauna was getting hotter, as her hips started to move more and more with the encouragement of John’s hand between her legs from behind.

John moved Shauna onto the couch, kneeling beside her on the floor, licking and eating enthusiastically between her legs. Holly was up on her hands and knees now with Trevor’s right hand between her legs and his left one pulling down on her nipples as her spanked red butt wiggled facing me.

Both women were ready. John mounted Shauna, half on and half off the couch with her head toward the end where Trevor and Holly were. Holly stood up at the end of the couch, resting her left bent knee on the back of the couch while Trevor entered her from behind, forcing her to lean over the couch above where Shauna was laying. Holly was reaching down to play with Shauna’s nipples with one hand while Shauna was reaching up to play with Holly’s nipples pointing down at her. Trevor was commenting on how tight Holly was as he pushed into her. He started slowly but Holly complained, “I like it hard. Anal . . . any . . . way! Just . . .Fuck . . . Me!!” I think she was having the same effect on all three of us men in the room. John started pounding Shauna with harder longer strokes. Trevor started banging Holly, shaking her back and forth perched on the arm of the couch.

I’m not sure if the men were breathing heavier or the women. Holly is a screamer and Shauna was panting as they were both were really enjoying themselves. I think John finished first resting on Shauna’s chest, sucking slowly on her nipples. Trevor had to pull out because he pulled off his condom from pounding so hard. Holly left, walking a bit wobbly to freshen up and came back with a tray of food and wine. Trevor was relaxing on the arm of the couch reaching down and playing with his ‘breast friends’, Shauna was slowly stroking John and he was gently running his fingers through her hair. At first Holly stood back and watched for a moment with her wine, before kneeling in front of the arm of the couch to lick Trevor clean.

As I left, the four of them were spread on the couch and floor beside the couch talking about gangbangs, blowjobs in a family bookstore and hand jobs in expensive restaurants. John was inviting Trevor and Shauna to his next party with Holly and two other couples . . . . .

I wish I could cum, come, I mean, I wish I could go with them.

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