Written by mustang guy

Jun. 14, 2019

My wife & I were celebrating our 15th anniversary we decided to go to Jamaica. My wife had just turned 35 & was still super hot she didn't look a day over 25 with the body of a 20yr old. We talked about swinging 2yrs ago but only tried a few threesomes I really enjoyed watching my wife with other men I loved watching how excited the men got when they saw my naked wife she was as close to a 10 as could be. She worked out daily & it was very noticeable she had a very tight pussy & super firm tits I was so proud to call her my wife. She knew it excited me to the max about wife sharing & said she was willing to explore wife sharing in Jamaica I was thrilled & told her I always wanted her to screw some BBC she smiled & said what ever you want. So we packed up & were on our way all the way there I kept reminding her what she said what ever I wanted this was going to be one wild week. We finally arrived & were bused to our hotel we were minutes to the beach & a short walk to the village. We unpacked & headed to the beach my wife looked great in her hot pink bikini she was definitly going to draw some attention she knew she was sexy & loved to flaunt it. We strolled the beach then headed to the village to check out some shops. We came across 2 black men selling hand made jewelry & Sue tried some on I watched as the 2 guys flirted with Sue & helped her try stuff on I also noticed they had huge hands which probably meant big cocks now I wanted Sue to invite them to our hotel for drinks later. I think she tried on every piece of jewelry I could tell she noticed their big hands as well & liked the attention & being touched by them. Finally I suggested they should join us in our room for drinks when they closed up shop I asked them if they knew where I could buy some weed I wanted to get Sue drunk & high she was much hornier when she was drunk & high they said they would bring some & gave me a couple of joints until they got there. So we headed back to our room & started drinking & smoking & waited for them to show up I reminded Sue of her promise & told her I wanted her to fuck both guys she just smiled & said what ever you want, finally there was a knock on the door it was Ben & Theo I welcomed them in. They hugged Sue & I told them to sit on the couch while I fixed them a drink Sue sat in between them & the boys looked very happy. When I returned with their drinks the boys already had their hands on Sue & were taking turns kissing her I put their drinks down & said nice. I went to my chair & watched their hands were all over her & watched as they removed her bikini bra then slid her panties off. I watched their big hands spread her legs & their big thick fingers slide in & out of her pussy she sat there & moaned as they continued kissing her mouth & tits while fingering her. I suggested they take her to the bedroom & told them they could have her all night they stood Sue up & we led her to the bedroom. They laid Sue on the bed then got themselves undressed holy fuck it's true what they say about men with big hands these guys were monsters I can't say for sure how big they were but at lest a foot long & very thick. I grabbed my chair & sat down to watch Theo was first my wife looked a little tense as Theo spread her legs she moaned & grunted as he pushed his thick cock into her I told her to relax & that I wanted to watch these guys fuck her all night. Sue was looking at me as Theo pumped her hard I just smiled & she continued moaning when Theo finished Ben took his turn I told Sue I wanted her to ride him so she did she was hesitant at first to take his huge cock then finally I went over & pushed her down on it she said ouch then started to ride it I said yes fuck him good. For the next few hours they took turns fucking Sue it was amazing finally the guys said they had to leave & get ready for work the next day they asked us if we would like to join them for a beach party Friday night I said sure they said they would come pick us up they kissed Sue goodbye & I thanked them for servicing her & looked forward to Friday. Sue & I had been drinking & toking all afternoon & I could tell Sue was horny again she wore a sexy sundress very revealing I told her she looked great then Ben & Theo showed up when I opened the door & they saw Sue both their eyes lit up & they smiled & said WoW! & off we went. We got to the beach party they had live music & I'll bet over a hundred people as we approached Ben & Theo greeted some guys they had beach chairs for all of us & told us to sit down. Once again all eyes were on Sue she was a flirt & loved the attention there were 6 guys there & Sue danced & flirted with them all I just sat back & watched I kind of figured there was going to be a gangbang. We partied for quite a while got drunk & stoned Sue was staggering a little & the boys suggested we move away from the party so we did we could still hear the music but couldn't see anyone we were behind some dunes & brushes. Ben unrolled a blanket & sat Sue down on it then started making out with Sue said not here not in public than I said remember your promise I want you to fuck right here then watched as they removed her dress & panties & started fucking her one by one. My ultimate fantasy was coming true my wife gang fucking a group of black men I watched them take her doggy style one from behind & one fucking her mouth wow! they screwed my wife until almost light then gave her her dress back. The boys thanked us for great night then took off, Sue & I walked back to our hotel she took a shower then joined me in bed I asked her if she was ok she smiled & said better than ok kissed me & thanked me for the best vacation ever.