Written by Scott

Oct 29, 2015

Just a week ago on a Thursday afternoon, I decided to stop in at my favourite quiet pub for a drink after a hard days work. As per normal it was pretty much empty for this time of the afternoon, except for one young lady in the corner sitting by herself and another older gentleman on the other side of the pub. While sipping on my drink, the older gentleman finished his drink and walked out of the pub, which I just noticed as the door opened and then closed making a rather loud bang, due to the wind outside. The pub was fairly dark as the sun was shining outside so the waitress at the bar had closed the curtains barely allowing the sun to shine in. I happened to look across the pub to notice what I was feeling the younger lady looking at me, I was hoping she was checking me out???. I stared at her for a few moments and was certain the we we were locking eyes, to my complete surprise she stood up and started walking across the pub towards me. I thought maybe she was on her way to the ladies room as it was behind me, just before walking past my table towards the ladies room she stopped and said to me, " I hope that you are not waiting for anyone such as your girlfriend or wife ". It took me a moment to get my lips to work to say, no I am all alone . She then asked me if I could buy her a drink due to her boyfriend standing her up in the pub, I gladly agreed to buy her a drink. When she sat down beside me she sat vey close to my side which I was not about to ask to move over. I ordered her a double gin and tonic which is what she asked for. I could tell that she was feeling no pain and had been drinking for a while already. She told me that her boyfriend was supposed to meet her here today so they could talk about their relationship, apparently it was VERY rocky so she informed me. She stopped talking for a moment and asked me how old I was, I told her I was 45 years old, plus minus a few years. She told me that she was only 24 years old and that she has never been with an older man but has always thought about it. By now she was ready for another double gin and tonic which I ordered and paid for. She quickly downed her drink and said, where do you live?? I informed her that I lived only a few blocks away from the pub. She said to me, why don't we buy some alcohol and go back to your place, it would be much cheaper than here in the pub, I said I could not agree with you more. As we left the pub she was having a hard time walking straight so put my arm around her to help her, she put her arm around my hip to help support herself. Just a block away I stopped at a liquor store and bought some lemon gin and some tonic, this is what she said she loved. We left the liquor store and arrived at my place within the next 5 minutes. When opened the door we walked in and I turned around to close and lock my door, when turned around her hands slid down to my groin area where she began to feel how much she excited me. I turned around to have her give me a huge wet delicious kiss, a kiss that lasted at least 2-3 minutes with her tongue exploring my tongue. After we finished kissing I asked her if she would like a drink, she said, " We can drink after you rip my clothes off, lay me back on the floor, then lick,tease and tongue Fuck my Wet pussy , because I need you to make me cum right now Baby ". Within seconds her clothes were off, my face and tongue were between her legs and within 3-4 minutes she was moaning very loudly as she came all over my face. I can honestly say that I have never had a woman have such a huge orgasm bad so quickly where she squirted all over my face, ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. Before I could move to get up, she looked me right in the eyes and said, " now you are going to Fuck me HARD until I cum again all over your Beautiful Hard throbbing cock ". I loved the aggression this beautiful young lad has shown. She got on her hand knees, raised her beautiful ass and pussy high in the air and then looked over her shoulder and said " Please Fuck me Hard Baby, please make me cum many more times". I placed my hand on her hip and slowly slid my Hard throbbing cock into her wet hot pussy inch by inch. She began to most very loudly again, she began getting louder and louder, " FUCK ME, OOOOHHH PLEASE FUCK ME HARD BABY, FUCK MY TIGHT HOT WET LITTLE CUNT, GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR HARD THROBBING COCK ". She began to cum again and cumming hard, hard enough that when I pulled cock back she was flowing onto my carpet, by now she was literally screaming " FUCK MEEEEE, OH BABY FUCK ME HARD, STRETCH MY TIGHT HOT WET CUNT WITH YOUR HARD THROBBING COCK " . I was in shock as she came 3 times with the next 3-4 minutes. After she came extremely hard 3 times she quickly got up to her knees and sucked every ounce of cum from my still very hard cock. As she licked and swallowed my cum she opened her mouth to show me just how much she loved my cum in her mouth and throat. We both laid there for the next 10 minutes side by side cuddling and enjoying each other's bodies. She informed me that she had to go so that she could let her boyfriend know she had just been given her ALL TIME best orgasms from an older man and she said I would be kept anonymous. Before leaving she gave me a HUGE kiss, left me her number and said we will be Fucking, sucking and licking many more times. Tomorrow night she is coming over for some Gin and Tonic, I just cannot wait, thank you Chelsea and I will be waiting for you???????