Written by P

Jul 19, 2018

I have has several encounters with my BF,to be more specific gangbangs. He has his poker buddies we occasionally get together with, all white guys. I have have my guys we get together with, all black. I always enjoy either encounter. Most of the guys are well endowed, some length, some girth. BF is endowed with length but a couple of the black guys are ev.en longer than him. (sorry if that seems stereotypical )

We talked about it and decided we were going to have some fun with both. So we made sure the one guy whose house we usually got together with was ok with new guys coming that he didn't know, he said if that's what I wanted as long as he's fucking me he didn't care lol. So we invited 4 guys from each group, why I called it a zebra party...black and white lol

We planned it for a weekend so I packed a couple sexy outfits to wear for the guys, Everyone showed up at the expected time and we started by the guys getting to know each other. I excused myself to go get drinks for the guys and came out wearing one of my outfits and carrying drinks lol. It was a lacy white see through outfit. As I poured each guy a drink and handed it to them I made sure my hand went across their crotch getting them good and hard. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and started undoing pants, that's when they put me in the center of the room and surrounded me with cock. I just. went from one to the other...black...white....I didn't care ....I just sucked. I had hands on my head...hands on my tits...fingers going in my pussy and my ass...it was heaven.

Fingers were replaced by tongues....each guy seemed to want to do better licking my pussy than the last one and all the while the other guys were wanting to be the one fucking my mouth or sucking my tits. I had hands everywhere.....then finally ....penetration.....BF laid down and pulled me onto his cock...going into my ass, cowgirl style...guys pulled my legs apart exposing my pussy for another cock.....one more got over me and shoved his in my mouth..it was cock heaven...black, white...I didn't care

After a while BF and 2 of the black guys picked me up and carried me to one of the bedrooms where they fucked me senseless. when one was done he would leave and another would come take his place....I usually need lube but they had cum inside me so many times it wasn't necessary they could easily slide right in my ass or pussy. This was just within a few hours the first night, I have no idea how long I spent in the bedroom with 3 at a time or how many times the cocks changed. I just know I was exhausted and needed a break.

I had to beg them to stop and let me rest, they finally did so I went to the have a shower cum still dripping out of me everywhere.....only to have BF come in and turn the water off, had me kneel down and all the guys guys came in and jacked off until they shot loads all over my face and tits and my open eager mouth.. I was able to shower after that lol.

I finally went to bed and passed out completely,worn out. They let me sleep for a while but I was woken up by a BBC sliding into my pussy....and cocks in my face. I woke up with a moan and soon as I opened my mouth...a cock was shoved in it, they were starting all over again. BF was right there telling them to fuck me...use my holes.....I was still so full of cum that they didn't even need to use lube.

It seemed to become a competition between black and white...who could fuck me longer....harder...each one trying to outdo the other..the sound of them pounding against my ass and pussy was loud... .even the loads seemed to get bigger, some of the guys fucking my mouth would shoot so much cum it would explode out of my mouth before I could swallow it.

I love a standing DP....where guys pick me up while standing and bounce me up and down on their cocks in my ass and pussy, they have all control as to how fast or how deep they go and they did that, and as soon as a guy would cum he'd pull out and another would go in...so between my squirting and cum dripping out of me the floor got so slippery we had to keep moving around lol.

8 hard cocks for me all weekend long...looking forward to the next time...maybe more....yes if that makes me a whore or a slut I'm happy to be that.