Jun. 27, 2016

We dressed up and played together a few times throughout the years. We enjoy spending girly time together, whenever our different schedules match. In our plays I particularly love sucking her cock until she cums. I love cum! Unfortunately, it's not easy to get free time together.

I made an offer a few weeks ago: Whenever she'd be in the area feeling horny but had little time, I'd show up at her place just to give her a quick blow job, then head straight back home. Asking nothing in return... All I want is to suck a cock and swallow my reward.

I got a message on Friday night:

I will be up this weekend alone.....hugs, S.

Me: Presently out of town. Hopefully back home this weekend. I miss sucking your cock and swallowing your cum.

S: Call my cell when u get back.

Me: I would love to show up steadfastly at your place... Suck your cock and vanish. A quickie for you as I'm passing by! BJ at your door step! Delivered within minutes! LOL.

S: Sure. When were u thinking ...I am by myself till Monday.....

The next day, I wrote:

Arrived home last night. Been away for 2 weeks... Home, sweet home! I thought of stopping by your place to give you a BJ but it was pretty late. A few things to do around the house today, however, taking it slow this morning.

S: I went to bed around 11. I was beat. Just heading into town... Need a few things . Hugs S.

Later that day she wrote...

Hi, I guess we will have to get together another time. I have a buddy coming up Monday morning so I won't be dressing or meeting guys. LOL. Sorry.

Me: If ever you wish a BJ before your buddy shows up on Monday... Neither one of us needs to be dressed-up. Staying in male mode is safer in case of unexpected visitor. Anytime before noon on Sunday would be great for me. Then I have people coming over in the afternoon. Give me a call if you wanna be sucked. I miss the taste of your cum.

Sunday morning, around 10:00 am, she called. The conversation was very short. "Come over if you're not busy. I wanna be sucked".

"I'll be there in 15 minutes", I replied.

I drove to her cottage. To my surprise she welcomed me in a cute black nighty. We went straight to the livingroom, she sat on a couch and I automatically kneeled down between her legs. Removing her panties, I stare at her cock. Wrinkled and contracted, I know though what that little piece of meat will look like once I get at it.

Smiling at it I say: Hi there. Long time no see! I bring my lips to it, licking and kissing the tip as I slide one hand underneath to fondle the balls. Gently sucking the foreskin, I can feel the head growing bigger and bigger inside. I then engulf the whole thing right to the base. Her cock seems to have grown instantly! Keeping my lips wrapped around her shaft I proceed with long soft strokes. I alternate with short fast strokes to the head, which had now popped out of the foreskin. Long strokes, short strokes... I then carry on the rhythm, masturbating her with one hand to catch my breath. The shaft is wet and shiny; the head is smooth and swollen with a drip of precum at the tip.

I put the whole meat back in my mouth, sucking it hard in long faster strokes. My hand and my mouth working together on the whole cock... I can tell it's about to explode. Her moaning is a good indicator too. A few more seconds and then...

Oooooaaah... I'm cumming!

A sudden gushing stream fills my mouth. Spurts after spurts... I swallow the hot cum. It's so good. So delicious! My hand keeps on jerking as I keep on sucking until there is no more. I savored it all to the last drop!

Raising my head, I look at S as she's thanking me. I replied: "Thanks to you too for the delicious snack. Please call me again anytime!"

"I will", she said.

I went back home with that delicious taste still in my mouth. Thinking to myself... Today, for the first time, I delivered a BJ!

What a glorious day!