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The On the Road Hotel Fun Group 2022
The On the Road Hotel Fun Group 2022 Public
This is the new On the Road Fun Group. Due to some Changes at Swinging Heaven many of our members could not access our old group if they did not up grade. Not knowing how many members we had I thought I would start again. It will give us an updated view of how many members we have. Originally this group was a way for travelers to meet fellow travelers and/or locals. It became so much more than that. Going on a vacation, visiting somewhere on business or just seeking playmates for some fun. This group is for you.
MFM, FMF, or threesome Fun!!
MFM, FMF, or threesome Fun!! Public
How many like to do it with an MFM, FMF, or threesome. Show off your photos or feel free to discuss them. why keep it private... Notice: Due to this one not working ( for us I have created an all-new one...
Niagara Swingers Club. Ontario
For couples and single women who like to partake in club parties, couples will be on Saturdays, We will be holding Date Nights, And many more exciting night for different lifestyle groups.
Husbands who like to share their wives
For couples and single men who like to partake in threesomes and enjoy MILFs. Check out the Forum section and add your thoughts/stories. We posted ours! We have had almost 4000 people review our story...and no one has one to add???
New to swinging night out eastern Ontario region
If you are new to the swing scene and want to plan a meet up with other newbies then let's get together and see what happens. No strings, no pressure. Please join so that we can talk. Maybe there are a few more experienced couples that may like to come along too ?! *************************************************** UPDATE::************************ So it is great to see that there are also other folks in our area that are interested in getting together to get to know each other. So at this point we have couple's and singles (maybe more to join still) who are happy to meet up, what we need now is some suggestions as to how, where and when ... maybe for those of us that are new to this a "get to know each other" may be best first ... input would be great. We will also be posting our photos soon...yikes!! Thanks for getting involved, Jackie and David
Niagara's Lifestyle Events And Gatherings
Niagara's Lifestyle Events And Gatherings Public
Niagara couples and select singles looking to have some fun! We, TheTanners coordinate unique lifestyle events and parties in the Niagara Region. We would also like to promote any other events in the area that would be of interest to the group. Some of those may involve a community event like the Food and Wine Festival, or Jazz Festival followed by a lifestyle after party, or hotel parties arranged by a group member, or a meet and greet at a local pub, or a nude beach day. If you have an event you would like promoted to the group please send us details. We will send out group messages when we plan or promote an event. Cheers!