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Fucked my massage instructor

"Interracial fun with massage instructor"
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Published 4 weeks ago
The evening after a tiring day and learning how to be a massage therapist, my instructor's name is Mandy at the massage school.   She was quite impressed with my input and how i was learning.  So much so that she offered me a ride home.  

As we jumped into her car she noticed me staring at her thighs. Thick juicy white legs. She had an amazing pair of breasts and this little giggle when i made her shy with my sleazy remarks

As we approached the flat I invited her in and I joked and said “is it too late for coffee”.  To my surprise she said “no, and i like mines thick strong and black”.

Was this a hint??? We walked in and i noticed her breasts protruding out of her blouse.   She didn’t seem to mind me staring at her beautiful big boobs.

This is where i lost control.  As we entered the flat, Out of nowhere i pulled her top down and took one boob out and started sucking. My other hand slid  up her skirt.  

Fuck she was soaking.   The crotch of her panty felt hot wet and sticky.  She said this isnt right but i didn’t care.  I pulled her to the couch and wildly ripped off her panty.  Her confusing yells of yes and no drove me insane.  I went on my knees and started to eat her pussy, in less than 2 mins , she came in my mouth.Her thick slimy juices flooded my mouth.  She thought it was all about her.  And then i pulled my dick out.  The look on her face was priceless.  She never thought that a big dark cock could look that delicious and intimidating at the same time.  

I spread her legs and fucked her mercilessly, turning her into my personal slut, ruining her pussy and turning into a big gaped pussy. her orgasms sending her to another realm.  

I was gonna cum.  She begged me not to cum in her, as she had just delivered a baby and is now married..  But i couldn’t resist.  I had to flood her pussy.  I had to show her how it feels to have a dark mans hot sperm in her.  

She screamed out of pleasure and fear as i filled her streaks after streaks of my baby making serum.  She hled my shoulders tight as i filled her fertile womb. Her ovulating eggs waiting for my cum to make a beautiful baby.  Once my pulsating cock stopped filling her, she opned her eyes, smiled at me and said, "see you tomorrow again for the coffee"  she grabbed her panty and casually walked out.  I was getting happy that i am going to breed a sexy , gorgeous white woman.

This morning as i greeted her, i  noticed her walking awkwardly .  I wonder why 🤭

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