Mar. 1, 2020

If you don't like cuckold stories, a slow build-up and/or are expecting high action right off the bat, this is NOT the story for you. I write from my perspective and what was going on in my head and before me at the time of my experience. People have been making many comments about my writing, some good and some bad. I do read them and will try to incorporate some of the suggestions that I feel comfortable with. Regarding the actual content of the story I will not change it, as it was how the experiences unfolded. Some items have been combined for written expression but for the most part...these are my stories. DUN DUN (L&O shoutout)

An incredible hot and calm Canada Day was upon me. My summer vacation was here and I was about to embark on a wonderful and sexualized summer of fun and games with my newfound couple, Tess and her cucky Bo (names altered). We had already experienced a couple of visits that were intense and satisfying not only for our physical being but mental appreciation of the cuckold dynamic. Today was shaping up to reach those same heights and explode past them. 

I never have an idea or playbook going into a visit, be it with my slave or with a new play couple. I believe that the chemistry fuels the adventure. A word, a look, a touch or simply an aroma of the right perfume spurs an idea of my actions and in some appropriate cases, an order. Today was not going to be any different. Tess and I had been sexting over the past few weeks, she was being teased with my words and delicate commands. One in particular was her being forbidden from shaving her kitty since our last visit until today. I didn't want cucky getting to see the sexy spot that was reserved for me, so I made her grow it out until the morning of this special day.

They invited me to their summer cabin for a mid afternoon drink and play session. As I drove around the narrow streets I began to reminisce of our last visit. I recalled the uncovering of their submissive tendencies to me, more than initially had been communicated. Cucky didn't mind being ordered around and really got excited seeing me tame the bratty Tess. A few more turns and I eventually found the cabin and pulled in. Tess and Bo were sitting around the fire having a cocktail. Tess in a soft green summer dress, cut just above the knee. Her flip flops displaying the red nail polish I had asked her to wear for my visit. Her amber-coloured aviator glasses hiding her excited eyes were framed by her golden blonde locks. 

Martini in hand she approached to give me a welcoming hug. Cucky followed with a firm handshake. The handshake of a husband who in a short while will be watching me enjoy his wife. These two understood the dynamic. They enjoyed the build up, appreciated the roles and respected the hierarchy for play purposes. They were excited at the possibilities to explore the lifestyle and push themselves into the realm of the fantasy life they became attracted to by being a cuckold couple.

Soon after, the 3 of us were by the fire. I had Tess fetch me a drink to test her submissive nature and ensure she was still in agreement with being pushed in that fashion. Not everyone is, and as a Bull with a dominant background, you need to read the situation to establish yourself appropriately to the situation. Bo and I chatted while we waited. I wonder what goes through his mind when I command his wife to complete tasks for me. He is an alpha man outside of the bedroom so what could he possibly be thinking about with what I am doing with Tess. We discussed things, nothing of depth just surface talk to get comfortable and ease into our night. As we sipped our drinks we began to recall some of the events that had transpired at my loft and how they felt about them. Communication is key and I like to know what they found exciting and pleasurable. We shared laughs at the "cleaning bill" I was going to charge to cucky for cumming all over my comforter as I was enjoying Tess last time.

Tess had to excuse herself to refill her drink. I asked her to come closer to me so I could tell her something. I whispered a command to her to perform before she returned to the fire. She smiled and sauntered back to the cabin for her drink. Moments later I could see her through the screen door, her leg extended to the side, her dress bunched up in one hand as she played with my shaved kitty with the other. This was going to be a good night! Cucky hadn't immediately realized what I was looking at. He noticed my attention had moved away from him and followed my gaze to his wife stroking her delicious pussy for me inside their cabin. With a smile and a nod she let the dress fall and joined us back at the fire as she took a long drink from her newest martini.

The talk started to heat up, and the fire was definitely not the cause of it! The sexual energy was brewing and it was time to jump back into our fantasy fulfillment. I stood up and took Tess' hand to help her out of her chair as she directed us inside. I watched as her ass swayed in front of me into their front door, cucky trailing behind. Soon we found ourselves in their master bedroom. Tess in front of me, her back to the bed, my arms around her. I leaned into her ear and whispered softly..."On your knees." She slowly knelt in front of me and unzips me to find my bare and semi-hard cock. Her mouth delicately takes me into her warmness as I melt into her. "She knows her way around a cock" I say to cucky who is watching nearby. Her technique is fantastic considering we have only recently met. I pull out and bring her to her feet with just a word. I have her pull up her dress to show me what is underneath. I have her turn for me as I run my hand over her smooth ass and feel the silky skin between her legs that was taken care of today for me. "On your back" I say as I gently direct her to lay down. I have her help remove my shirt as I kick off my shorts and stand before her in my boxers. I push myself into her so she can feel my excitement. Something we have been looking forward to since our last visit. As I begin to pull at my boxers I tell cucky to fetch me a condom from my pocket of my discarded shorts. I prepare myself to enter her, my cock straining in it's latex confines. I rub the head along her slit to lube myself with her juices. I place myself at her entrance and slowly ease myself into her. Her pussy and my cock take their time getting acquanted again as cucky watches from behind me. The heat from the beaming sun penetrates the room as I do the same to her. Our bodies slick with wetness as we begin the dance that we all enjoy. I begin to grind into her with slow rotations to hit spots on her that she can feel and express her pleasure as cucky watches quietly. I start to thrust harder giving her a flashback to the pounding she had during our last visit. The heat of the moment and the room warranted a break before heat exhaustion took effect.

We head back outside for a rest and refreshment. But that is short lived as Tess motions for me to follow her back into the cabin. This time she flips her dress up as she bends over the kitchen counter looking outside the window at cucky who is still sitting by the fire with his craft beer in hand as I have his wife in mine. She calls him in just in time to see me grab onto her hips as I sink my dick into her married pussy. She is soaked as I plunge into her with each powerful thrust. I hear the familiar sounds of wet bodies smacking into one another as I slam into her from behind. Her hands grab the counter to steady herself and for leverage to push back onto me with as much force as I am sending her way. My pace quickens as I grab hold of her more firmly and begin to overtake her with hard and fast strokes that attempt to slam her into the counter one sex-crazed pump after another. Her moans and whimpers are music to my ears. She begins to taunt cucky who is quietly watching the kitchen escapades. I can feel her body reacting to the experience and remind her that there is no cumming for her just yet. The heat overcomes us yet again and we take our next break to refuel.

We step outside to their gazebo and adjust the privacy curtains to hide ourselves from any passersby. Cucky returns to the cotage to get some snacks and drinks as Tess and I sit on the little couch they have inside the outdoor oasis. My hand finds her leg, my lips find her mouth and before we know it she is back before me on her knees. I look at her sternly and order her to mount my foot and ride it while we wait for cucky. She quickly straddles my leg and begins to rub herself all over me, soaking my foot in the process. I watch her expertly take it inside of her while she tries to get off quickly before cucky returns. "Not so fast my little slut" I scold her. I take her back to to the bedroom to finish what we started while cucky is still preparing refreshments. He follows us to the bedroom and watches as I lay down and Tess crawls up my body to straddle my hardness. She begins to ride me with passionate fury. Her supple tits grazing my face as I lick and suck on them. My pelvis pistons into her as she rides her bucking bronco. Cucky again assumes his voyeur position but this time cock in hand as he can see his wife is hungry to cum. The riding continues between her and I with infrequent glances at cucky enjoying the show before him. I turn her over and have her get on all fours as I slide my wet cock into her and begin to fuck her like the horny dog I am. Grabbing her hips I slam into her with full force knowing cucky is feasting his eyes on the tamed brat taking my cock on their marital bed. Sweat pours from all of us as the room is a sauna, just adding to the dirtiness of the scene. I have her get back on top of me and order her to fuck me harder to show cucky how hungry she has been for this evening. Her desires overtake her as she straps in for the ride of her life. She begins to bounce on my cock with such energy I thought the bed would break under us. "Fuck Harder!" I growl as my body drives into the bed with each of her downstrokes. The sheets under me a tangled and wet heap of fabric soaking up our sex. We hear voices of the neighbours outside so we slow down and fuck slowly and quietly to see if they are leaving. We can't take the risk so we head back out to the gazebo as cucky finishes his earlier tasks of refreshments.

The neighbours leave in their car as Tess and I resume our playfulness outside, this time privacy curtains blocking anyones view. As cucky returns Tess has my cock back in her mouth and worshipping it with enthusiasm. He is surprised and how quickly things have escalated but when passion and chemistry are mixed together the recipe reaps great rewards. We had several interruptions throughout our day that I was finally ready to unload. "Make me cum" I say to my sucking brat. She begins to use her old tricks to suck the cum right out from my balls. I start to feel the familiar bubbling of my hot seed that I love experiencing right before cumming. I hold her head in place and tell her to keep going as I glance at cucky watching his buxom bride servicing me. I begin to feel it rise up my shaft and with a volcanic magnitude I explode into her married mouth. I keep her head in place as she knows to milk every drop from me. Once I am satisfied with her I allow her to swallow the last of me and tell her to fuck her hubby. Afterall he has been a good cuck for us today, and deserves some fun too!

The two of them connect as one as I sit in the afterglow of my day with this sexy cuckold couple. Reflecting on the events and how they unfolded I hear them enjoy themselves before me. I'm grateful to be a part of that connection and can't think of any better way to spend Canada Day!

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