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Round 2…. And 3?: Part 1

"True story of the second time, my wife agrees to fuck her old coworker and gets a little more."
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Author's Notes

"Part 1 of 2 where my wife fucks her ex coworker and ex boyfriend in the same night!"

Shorty after the last story on here where my then gf was fucked all night by her ex in the hotel, my wife got a text from an old coworker of hers complaining about not getting any sex from his girlfriend. Now I know, that when a guy complains to another woman about his current problems with a girlfriend the relationship is basically over and the guy is interested in the other girl. Only thing that surprised me was that he knew my gf and I were dating for 3 ish years now. My wife, then gf told me about how this guy was complaining he never gets sex. I simply told my wife you should text him back and fuck him. She was taken aback at first, stating, well I guess I would but I don’t know if he’d be interested. 

I remembered back to a time about 2 years earlier, when my gf had been working at a university library with this guy. I had brought my gf a coffee during her shift. He was working on the computer at the desk and my gf was taking returned books to be put away in the shelves. On one of these trips my gf had dropped a few books on the floor and then bent down to pick them up, which showed us her large curvy ass. My stares and admiration of her ass where only stopped when I turned my eyes to look at her coworker. In my head I could not believe it, he was staring at her ass, biting his lower lip and not at all trying to hide it. Keep in mind we were like 20 and this coworker working with my girlfriend was approximately 30 and had a gf of his own. It was new to me, but I then thought about it and there had been quite a bit of flirtation in their conversation and I notice sparks flying both ways. Don’t quite remember but pretty sure I jerk off that night, imaging the two of them together.

Skip back ahead 2 years and I told my wife “oh I know he thinks you are a smokeshow!” With that assurance my wife texted him “well I am kinda horny right now and I could maybe help you with that sometime.” I was really turned on by this message thinking about the two year earlier. This started a 3 day flirtatious conversation between them and I ably asked my gf to see the messages after. To my surprise this ex-coworker never really mentioned me at all in the conversation, not even acknowledging my existence. This just made it hotter to me that in his head my wife was just cheating on me and I had no idea. My gf did ask him about his girlfriend and he simply stated that he was over her if he got one night with my gf. This was very arousing for my wife and she jumped me that night, riding my cock hard and not needing any warmup as her pussy was soaked. After the 3 day conversation they already had a date set for a date night. 

The following weekend came and my gf who was getting ready for him, asked me to leave our apartment because she wanted to be alone with him. I told her ”ok” and said I was leaving. I was thinking in my head that this night was going to be far too hot and I would regret missing it. So I got into my car and moved it behind another building, took my shoes off and hid them in the landlords garage and quietly reentered the apartment, hiding in the second bedroom closet. After a few minutes I heard my wife exit the washroom and not long after that there was a knock at the door. I listened carefully as they talked a little and made some jokes, I could not hear much except for my wife’s giggling and then I heard a deep kiss and a moan from my wife. I peeked out of the closet of the second bedroom and watched as my then gf was slowly walking backwards from the entrance to the master bedroom, (our bed) with her arms wrapped around his neck. He was walking forward sticking his tongue deep into her mouth, with one hand squeezing a nipple and his other hand buried under her skirt. I noticed then that she had put on the same school girl outfit on that she had fucked her ex in, with the black stilettos and white stockings. This was really hot for me because my gf had been going to university as a student and this man had been studying to be a teacher.  They slowly moved out of my view as I continued hearing lips smacking and my gf moaning. As I heard them enter the master bedroom I heard them close the door. I now left the closet to get closer. When I reached the master bedroom they had been in too much of a panic that the door was left 2 inches open and it gave me a full view.

As I looked in all I could see was my wife’s skirt clad ass up in the air and his feet sticking out and upward. My wife’s hair was in a ponytail with one of his hands wrapped around it as her head bobbed up and down. She made a loud slurping sound as she pulled up releasing his cock and making a comment about how big his cock was. I took my phone out and began recording everything. I could see him tighten his grip on her ponytail and push her head down hard on his cock. She started to gag on his dick as he moaned, staring “You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this”

After a few minutes I heard him put a condom on which to my surprise somewhat disappointed me. Immediately after I watch my then gf climb on top of him, kissed him deeply and then reached around grabbing his cock and balls, and guiding his full length inside her directly. As I had full view of this I knew that his cock was a little shorter than mine, probably 6 inches, but definitely wider. My gf started slowly riding him as she dangled her big DDD tits in his face and teased him. I watched as he teased and groped her tits and pinched her nipples through the thin fabric of the school girl top. She let out a soft moan bouncing slowly on top of him and then he must have gotten really turned on because he began to take her. He reached around to the back of her top and ripped it off. He grabbed her by the throat and pulled her closer to him kissing her deeply and then pushing her away, he took as much of one tit into his mouth as he could. Then he pulled her back down on top of him and kissed her neck as both of his hands went to her ass. His hands gripped hard on each of her ass cheeks spreading them apart as he began slamming his cock balls deep hard into her cunt. As his cock slammed furiously upward inside my gf, she started shaking a moaning loudly to the point which I was worried the landlord up stairs might hear her. She began to almost scream as she half shouted “I’m gonna cum!! Right as my wife stated this I shot my load into a pre prepared towel I had and then heard her ex coworker start grunting loudly as his pace slowed as he slammed slowly but deeply inside her. I thought to myself I guess that’s why he put the condom on. He then pushed her up slightly and both of his hands fondled her giant tits again as he caught his breath. He stated “Well that was insane! Don’t know how many years I waited for that.” I heard my gf giggle as I got up, pulled my pants back on, getting rid of the towel and ran outside to get to my car. 

As I waited in my car I got a text stating the he was leaving and I could come back. When I got back I kissed my naked gf and she stated that she was still really horny. I told her “Well I could fuck you now or you could text your ex again and see if he wants to fuck you again first!” Without hesitation my gf took out her phone and messaged him.

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