Mar. 5, 2019

The First Meeting

I just finished the night shift and though I was able to nap a few times...I was tired. But I promised them that if they came to town we could finally play. We had chatted and sent sexy photos and messages for a while. They said that they had some experience but this would be my first ever meeting with a married couple.

I showed up to the hotel and texted them that I was here. They texted back the room number. I took the elevator up and approached the door. I was very excited. I knocked and after a few seconds I heard the latch and the door opened. Darkness was within, a sexy voice said “Very naked and I heard footsteps prance away and someone getting into a bed.

I hung up my coat and took off my boots. Walking into the bed area lit by the lights from the bathroom I saw a mass of long messy hair and a smiling face. I greeted her and shook her hand. I saw a flash of bare breast and a sexy hello back. As we chatted she slowly showed more of her nakedness. I took this as a sign to disrobe and soon I was just standing in my underwear. She continued to sexily flash her body at me eventually ending up naked on top of the covers with her legs spread. A voice from the shower area said “She wants you to eat her out.” Needless to say I dove in to the pleasant task and soon her pussy was wet and she was arching her back in the first orgasm of the day.

A few seconds later her husband came out of the shower...and I knew something incredible was happening.

He stood there beside his wife, both of them taller than my 5’8”. She was sexy and had a flush to her face and upper chest. He stood there...his penis locked away in a cock cage.

The dynamic shifted.

He explained that he was giving me full control of his wife she was to be my slut for the day. He was going to watch her be taken by another man again and again.

Something smiled deep inside me.

Something I had not ever felt.

Something new.

“Ok...I need a shower after a long nights work.” I said, “Slut...come wash me.”

She followed me i to the shower and lathered and washed me. I played with her as she worked. We stepped out and being a gentleman I dried her as she dried me.

We walked back to the bed area. While we were showering the husband had laid a selection of toys and tools out on the dressers and bed.

Paddles, floggers, dildos and clamps. I had never seen these pieces of equipment in person.

My eyes scanned the area. I saw a smile of anticipation upon the wife's face and something inside me spoke. “Kneel, now” the voice said, “Open your mouth.” She did. I inserted my cock and she began to suck it with obvious skill. I will not claim to be a massively endowed stud...I am of average size, but it was obvious that she was enjoying doing it and do was I. But I wanted more...and something else. I told her to stand and spread her legs, this brought her face down to my level. I began to kiss her, softly at first then with growing force and passion. Suddenly something inside me acted and my hand was brought down hard on her bottom...instead of a cry of pain...a growl of pleasure issued from her throat. Again my hand moved...again she almost purred in sensual pleasure. I walked her to the bed and sat her down on the side. Spreading her legs I began to nudge the tip of my cock into her folds. She was laying there and I saw her breasts. I reached out and gently grabbed her nipples. As I pushed my hard cock into her my ministrations became more forceful and I pulled and punched her. I had stopped moving my cock, I was fully inside her, my balls resting on her red bottom. I continued pinching, pulling and then I slapped her breast. Her pussy spasms around my cock. I slap and pull again and again. Her moans, not of pain...but pleasure increase. Finally her body bucks and I feel a vice like grip upon my cock.

“I'm cumming” she moans.

I begin my thrusting again. Coupled with my hands and now my teeth I feel her cum again as I shoot my hot cum inside her.

As I pull out to recover, i sit beside her smiling face. Her husband who had sat motionless with rapt eyes watching knelt between her legs and began to clean her.

I felt something stir as I looked down on this woman who had enjoyed what I had done...and who was waiting to do it again.

Something inside me stepped forward.

It turns out it was me inside…

And I am not going back inside again.