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A party camping-style

"Amazing encounter with an older biker"
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What better than a summer party by a lake with about 100 swingers? So we ended up attending this party and we knew many of the people attending, so we knew it would be a good and fun night. And the setup was great since we could go in the lake during the day and 2 areas for a fire in the evening and most people staying overnight in tents at one end of the hosts land. And of course music and alcohol! We ended up meeting lots of lovely and sexy people with a few couples and singles clearly giving us a signal that should we want to play later they would be more than happy to join us. However, as we got to dinner, a giant BBQ for everyone, as Minnie was cooking our hamburgers, she met this guy who was cooking his food right beside us. An older guy, about 60 years old, a biker with still a bad-boy look. Well I noticed Minnie laughing a lot when talking to him, they were clearly connecting well. When she came back to me, she said that he was very nice and the she really liked him. I knew this meant he was definitely an option for fun in her mind…and by the way he was looking at her ass as she walked towards me, I knew she was an option for him as well!! In any case, we ate with some friends and lost sight of him. Later on in the evening, we were near the area where people gathered to dance, mingle, flirt and fool around a bit, Minnie wanted to dance with one of her friend and she went looking for her. After a few minutes she came back with the guy she had met earlier at the BBQ. I finally got introduced to him and the 3 of us hit it off pretty good. But the evening was still young and Minnie went dancing with her friend for a while and he took off since he had yet to setup his tent for the night. I ended up talking with friends for a long time and eventually realized that Minnie was not dancing anymore…well I found her at the fireplace with a few people including our new found biker friend who was sitting beside her and both of them apparently having a good time, when I got to them, Minnie got up to give her seat and went straight to sit on his lap. She kissed him on the mouth and told me again she really liked him, he just smiled at me and he soon had his hands on back, ass and legs, just slowly rubbing her as we continued to talk. However she was openly flirting more and more with him and he was getting more and more adventurous with his hands, now rubbing her tits as well and I could see this was having an effect with her nipples clearly hard now. All of that eventually led to them french kissing…with his hands now under her clothes. She pulled out of the kiss and said ‘you want to join us in our tent?’…’you bet, let’s go babe’…and off we were, others around the fire clearly knowing what were going to do next. Once inside the tent, I turned out a small flash light so we could see something! Minnie first went for my cock to suck me for a bit as he got undressed, I was very hard knowing what was next. Once he was naked, he pulled her to him and started to get her naked as well. He was rather tall, well built with tattoos all over his body, she looked tiny beside him despite the fact that she’s 5’6. He just picked her up and put her on her back…and had his face in between her legs right away….’oh God yes’ was what came out of her mouth when she felt his tongue on her. It barely took a minute for me to recognize the familiar sounds coming out of her mouth, he was about to make her cum…and wow did she cum, her whole body started to shake and he kept going, he had her going crazy, she reached out and grabbed my arm, eyes closed, mouth open and moaning loudly. He looked at me with a smile and said ‘I think she likes’ as he moved on top of her, placing his cock at her pussy’s lips…’no condom, I’m gonna fuck her bare now’ and he slowly pushed it all the way in…she arched her back with a deep moan as he did, somehow her way to welcome him in her! She was still catching her breathe from her orgasm as he started to fuck her slowly. She had her legs wide open and moved her hands on his ass…they started to french kiss while fucking, totally glued to one another. He kept increasing his pace until he was going pretty hard and fast. I could hear her moan as they kissed, her breathing becoming much faster once again…’oh yeah babe cum for me, cum on my cock’…I knew what was next…‘oh my, I’m gonna cum’ and with that he had her into another intense orgasm. He barely gave her time to recup that he was back fucking her again, she just looked at me and said ‘mmmm he’s so good, mmm it’s so intense’. For a woman who rarely cums with other guys, he soon had her on the verge of another orgasm, telling her again ‘you cum for me again babe’ as he started to fuck her harder ‘c’mon you show your husband how much you’re enjoying my hard cock’…I could hear the wet sound of her pussy as he kept fucking her hard…she was breathing heavy again when he said ‘c’mon babe cum for me, I’m gonna cum as well’…by then it’s so intense I can almost feel what’s going on between the two of them…she grabbed his ass to keep him deep in her and she said ‘oh yeah cum with me’….they both started to cum, I heard him groan and realized he was shooting his load deep in her…as they got back to reality, they barely moved for what felt like a few minutes, they were just enjoying the moment. He eventually lifted himself a bit and said ‘wow that was amazing’, she was all smile ‘no, you were beyond amazing’…she looked at me, I had my cum all over my hands, ‘looks like you enjoyed it as well’. He ended up spending the night and morning….but that’s another story!

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