Nov. 5, 2017

I had just gotten out of a difficult marriage and moved to the southern U.S.. I had never been there, but landed a pretty good job and I needed a big change. Once I was comfortable in my new home my thoughts of course turned to sex. I knew I didn't want to jump into a relationship for a while, but I did want some new friends. It had also been quite some time since I had thought about pursuing my bi-curious interests - something I could never discuss with my former wife, she never understood the importance of sex.

Anyway, I joined a website similar to swinging heaven, entered an honest profile and hoped for the best. It took some time but my profile interested a couple. Unlike me, he had communicated his bi-curiosity to his wife and she was eager to see if he would follow through. We met at a nice restaurant. We hadn't exchanged pictures but I knew them the instant they walked in. They had that "looking for someone" look. And, I was quite surprised, they were a younger couple. He was 30 and she was 28. As they sat down I ordered drinks and we said our hello's. Being much older I was extremely interested to know why such a young couple would want to meet me. She explained that he had discussed his fantasy with her and it made her very hot, but they had decided to go with an experienced gentlemen - besides - "age didn't matter" she said.

We had a couple of more drinks and I told them how flattered I was that they would meet. They had said in our initial communication "no sex on the first meeting" and I prepared to leave, hoping we would meet again. "Wait a second" he said, "I know we said no sex but we both really like you". With that I invited them back to my apartment.

As they settled in, I got a few beers for the boys and a glass of wine for the young lady. Again some small talk and then I broke the ice - "are we ready to play I said". The smiles were so damn honest as he reached over to his wife and unbuttoned her top. "Come on over and help me" he said. As I approached them on the couch you could see her eyes were bright with anticipation. I kneeled down, reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties off. As I began to lick her pussy she gushed - a squirter and I loved it. "You better get a towel to protect your couch" he said, "this will happen more than once". I got a nice thick towel and placed it under her butt.

"Am I going to be the only one naked", she asked. With that I dropped my slacks to the floor, pulled down my shorts and stepped away from the clothes. I was standing close to them and the husband was flushed, licking is lips. "Can I?" he asked. for sure I responded and he put his lips around the end of my cock. To my amazement she groaned and gushed some more. "I've been waiting to see that" she gasped, and said to her husband "I love you baby, you turn me on". He licked and sucked for a little but I called a break - I didn't want it all to be over so fast.

We all sat up and he realized he still had clothes on. He stood up and took his pants off and his wife asked him to come over. "Here's your treat for doing that my love", she said, and she started sucking his cock. "Would you like some help", I asked. She nodded and I went close to her, kissing her mouth while we both licked his cock. He exploded! And with that, she gushed again.

"Would you like to be inside her?" he asked. It had been a long time for me so I gratefully obliged. Of course it didn't take long to come...she gushed again. The rest of the night we took turns sucking and licking each other. They went home in the early hours of the morning and I hoped I would see them again.

As it turns out they were more than pleased with their "older friend". We had many sexual interludes in the following few years but then I came home to Canada. We are still in touch and they have found another friend (older I might add). But about two years ago I had occasion to return to the same area. My young friends came to my hotel and we repeated all our adventures - squirting and all! I'd like to find that again but, much like then, I am waiting for the right couple.

Happy Swinging!