Jul. 3, 2016

Dee and I broke up a few years after college. We had tried to make it work, even going so far as asking her to marry me with an all to small diamond ring. She accepted but after a few months we realized that we were headed in different directions, and marriage would have been a mistake for both of us. There were a few heated arguments and some talk of hatred, but that didn’t mean I ever really stopped thinking about her. We had some great stupid times in college that I replay in my head periodically; and the sex. The sex was the best I had ever then, or since really.

I moved on with my career, chasing advancement and money and she moved on looking for travel and excitement. She became a flight attendant back east, and I settled into a desk job out west.

We stayed in touch a bit, but always drifted apart during times when we had partners, thinking it would be unfair. We knew there was always that tension between us, even if we pretended it was just a casual friendship; which is why I was surprised when she emailed me to say she was in town for a layover, and wanted to have lunch.

It turned out she was staying next to my office building, which made it extremely easy to say yes and make an excuse about a long lunch meeting. We made plans to meet at her hotel lobby to grab a bite, and I must confess my penis twitched at the thought of seeing her.

I arrived on time in the lobby and sat uncomfortably waiting for her to arrive, trying to not look nervous or too nerdy.

She came down the elevator, and I caught myself sharply inhaling. The last time I had seen her she was a girl, still kind of awkward, but still gorgeous. But now she was a woman, clearly the years travelling had changed her style. No more overalls and sneakers, it was now business casual and stillettos. Blonde hair tied back with a few strands over her face that begged to be touched and dark red lip stick that reminded me of what she could do with her mouth.

We did the friendly hug. We always fit together well, and it was clear we both enjoyed it. We headed over to the restaurant and sat down to a nice relaxed lunch; chatting about our lives and where life had taken us over the last few years.

We eventually started flirting subtly, talking about our last conquests. She revealed she started to get into choking during sex, and had a few 3somes. Why do exes always start to experiment AFTER you break up? She mentioned that she isn’t seeing anyone right now, and has been experiencing a dry spell. I suggested she find a friend, someone she trusts who she doesn’t want to date and make them a friend with benefits. Dee seemed intrigued, and I could see the wheels turning. We finished lunch and she suggested we head up to her room as she needed to pack and we could continue to talk.

I settled into the hotel room chair and she worked around her room, straightening up and placing things into her travel luggage. She said she was leaving for the airport in an hour so we could chat for a bit, but she needed to move quickly. I laughed and said “well we never were good at quickies..” and waited to see if I had stepped over the line.

She smiled and said, “Well then you had better start getting undressed.”

I pushed the joke farther by undoing my dress shirt while remaining seated. She sat down on the edge of the bed and matched me button for button, playing chicken, trying to call my bluff. We slid off our shirts, she revealing a black lacey bra and her smallish amazing tits. I undid my belt and zipper, she matched move for move to reveal matching black thong panties. I was down to my boxers and stood up, my cock strained against the fabric as I walked toward her.

I stood in front of her as she grabbed the elastic of my shorts and pulled them down to reveal my hard cock, already covered in pre-come. She sighed, “Exactly as I remembered”. She leaned forward and licked the tip, sliding her hand under my balls and gently tugging them. I slid my hands into her hair as she parted her lips and slipped my cock head into her mouth. She was wet and warm, and I slowly moved my hips forward to get more inside her.

I reached down to release her tits and began playing with her long nipples. She moaned softly as she paused to lick my cock from balls to tip. I felt my balls starting to twitch as she squeezed them with one hand and stroked my penis with the other. I felt I was going to come and without thinking pushed her back by grabbing her throat. She moaned and I could tell she liked my hand around her neck, as she looked up licking her red lips.

I pushed her back onto the bed and dropped to my knees, pulling her panties down to reveal her shaved pussy. I roughly parted her legs and slid my tongue inside her. She was already dripping wet and spread her juice around with my mouth. Sliding two fingers inside, I focused my tongue on her clit until I felt her hips start to buck as she came for me. I reached up and grabbed her throat again and held my pussy covered fingers up to her mouth. She grabbed my wrist and sucked my fingers clean, moaning as she did.

I pinned her down to the bed by her throat and grabbed my cock pressing the tip against her pussy lips. She looked up at me and said “Tell me you hate me?” I was shocked at first, and the replied, “I fucking hate you. you slut.”, as I slammed my cock inside her.

“I hate you!” she said over and over again between gasps. I tightened my hand on her throat as I thrusted in and out. “But you love my cock. Don’t you?” I said.

“Yes! I fucking love that in me. Fill me up with it.”

I continued to fuck and choke her, looking down at the girl I loved, and probably still did. She moaned and whimpered, grabbing at my chest, hands slipping on sweat. Her pussy splashed wetness on my belly. I felt my balls tighten and pulled out of her sweet wetness and pointed it at her clit. She reached down, like she always did and jerked my slick cock onto her flat belly. My come coated her abs and filled her belly button with hot sperm. She released my cock and began tracing her fingers through the sticky come and raised a finger to her lips to lick.

She looked up at me and sat up far enough to stick a wet salty tongue into my mouth. “Looks like I found a friend with benefits.” She said licking her lips.

“Too bad we live so far apart.” I managed to stammer. She smiled, “New schedule… I’m on layovers here twice a month.”