Nov. 16, 2017

We have been together a very happy and content 23 years now and waited until the kids moved out so we could be more sexual towards each other. 5 kids can def. cramp ones style she had 2 and he had 3 when they met. It started slowly as we became acquainted with being able to ply where ever we wanted to in the house. Jump 6 months in time and we find ourselves more and more sitting in the dining room having a drink, playing cards or Yahtzee and surfing the net inevitably ending up on porn hub. Then we found we liked to cam, nothing over the top shes too shy but after a couple of months she starts to open up. In our perusing we came across a video entitled squirt school starring the most awesome milf Veronica Avluv. She becomes intrigued and after watching a few dozen more we decide to splurge and by a wand. It arrives and one night when we have had a few and we are feeling great after some cam and hot video he reach's over and starts to caress her soft lips through her jeans. One thing leads to another with some hot kissing and nibbling and soon enough they are both down to their underwear and he has her panties pulled aside softly playing with her pussy lips feeling the wetness starting to develop. He slides one then 2 fingers in and starts to massage the way they showed in the videos. Then he reached over and turned on the wand and while he was moving his fingers in and out and around the edges he places the wand on her pussy just above the hood on her clit. His fingers are getting more intense as he talks to her softly, encouraging her, telling her he wants to see her squirt for the first time. By this time the video is on a squirt compilations and shes watching them and feeling me and the wand on her pussy.

He runs the fingers of his other hand under the back of her panties and runs it around the crack of her sweet ass. Softly caressing her cheeks. He wets his finger with her juice which by now is starting to get really wet and let his fingers probe and tease. He lick his lips and lowers his body to his knees. Sh moves forward on the chair so the view is so close. He turns up the intensity on the wands licks his lips and moves in to lick her inner thighs. Slowly his tongue moves in on both sides nd lands on her clit. She moans, leans back and grabs the back of his head pulling it right into her. His face is everywhere, his tongue has a mind of its own. Just then as the wand is working her clit and his tongue is devouring her taste she leans her back lets go with a moan and shoots a wet, clear, beautiful stream all over his face. That night saw a first for both partners as they discovered that she was able to squirt and started their new fetish for each other.

We both love the fact that not only does he cum hard and creamy while she has the ability to also ejaculate a clear stream of her own. That was a year ago now and it has lead to a new found chapter in our lust for each other. The sex has been over the top great on so many levels. On the want to do list hmmm maybe her and another hot squirting pussy sitting beside her or across from each other so they can watch. Double vaginal has also been one she likes to watch with him. It has his vote anyways. Finding the right match were there is connection and attraction is now the primary goal. LOL