Nov. 21, 2015


This is a true story, one that happened long ago in my youth, around 1973 . I was single then, a young man of maybe 19 or so. I was living in Hamilton and although I had a full time job, I was into the music scene after hours, and enjoyed playing the folk and pop material of the day on my guitar in coffee shops and bars. I could sing as well, and after a time received an invitation to play at a local coffee shop/bar on a Saturday night on their "Open Mic" program. I was given a stage time of 10pm, but decided to go early and just hang out and people watch. I arrived with my guitar case around 9 pm, and was made welcome. After nursing a few beers at a small table in a darkened corner, I began to circulate and meet some of the patrons. The venue was a home converted to a small music hall, and couldn't hold more than 30 people. There was recorded music with a heavy bass beat playing, and it didn't take long to sense the raw sexuality in the air. Tight jeans and short skirts on the women, and guys with unbuttoned shirts exposing muscular chests, all made for a potent mix, and everyone was feeling it. There were some older gals in their forties there as well, the "cougars" of that time, slowly prowling the area with chick drinks. They wore sexy clothes, and oozed confidence, catching and holding your glance as long as you dared them too. Although I was no virgin, I recall feeling at a distinct disadvantage and very inexperienced in that setting. I still remember what I was wearing that night, a navy v neck sweater shirt with dress slacks and sports jacket. I have broad shoulders, and was very muscular and fit at 6,1", with fair hair and dark eyes with a small waist and butt. Girls told me I was handsome, but I never really thought of myself that way, and I could be a bit shy around women. The sports jacket showed my squared broad shoulders and strong back off to advantage, and the cougars were taking notice. About 9:30 pm or so, I struck up a conversation with one of them, a woman of about 45 dressed in a black mini dress. "Jill" was well endowed and wore the dress with about as much cleavage as you could get away with, and I was feeling intense sexual vibes coming off her. We had a few dances, and I remember how sexy she was in that light flippy dress. It rode up when I would spin her around during the jive, teasing me with her gorgeous legs. I was getting hard as we danced, and she would twirl back and plant her bubble butt squarely on my hips, totally distracting me from what I was supposed to be there for. I had wanted to line up some company for later, but my inexperience in this area had yielded mostly just polite conversation but no phone number by the time I was called to the stage. I excused myself and went backstage to the green room to tune up the guitar and get ready to perform.

When it was time, I walked up the 3 steps and onto the stage, introduced myself, and opened the set with a romantic song about a love lost. It was one of those catchy tunes with lyrics that sets up an aching in the heart, followed by an anticipation and longing for consummation of the unrequited romantic tension. I noticed Jill soaking up every word I sang, seemingly transfixed by the moment, and her own feelings. She never took her eyes off me for the set, and I could tell from her body language that she was anything but done with me. With every tune she became more and more animated, and as I ended the set she was swinging and rotating her hips in an animated rhythmic gyration that left little to the imagination. Her erotic dance made it difficult to finish the set, and as the last words left my lips, she had hold of her dress and had slowly hiked it up, legs akimbo, just enough for me to make out she had red satin panties on. Her lusty seduction dance was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, and I left the stage in a state of advanced arousal that was only just barley hidden by my large guitar.

I had never been with an older woman, and wasn't sure this was for me, but as it turned out, I wasn't to have an opportunity to think much about it. She was waiting for me at the green room door, a tigress in heat with only one thing on her mind, she was in full control of the situation. As I packed up my things and prepared to leave she made it plain that I was more than welcome to follow her home, where she had some wine and finger food for our enjoyment waiting there. Up to that point in my young life, I was under the mistaken impression that the guy always did the sexual invitation, and the woman got to decide if you were worthy of her charms or not. You had to gently coax sometimes to get there, but it had always been me doing what I thought men were supposed to do. That night, I was shown what it was like to be on the receiving end of the coaxing, and it was hugely empowering. Before I could respond to Jill's sexual invitation though, another, much younger woman came into the green room, and came up close to me with a sexy smile and big blue eyes any man would struggle to resist. She fairly oozed sex appeal, and told me how much she had enjoyed my performance. Moving closer, she suddenly kissed me on the cheek, and whispered "I'm interested in a private performance" in my ear. In that perfect moment, I realized for the first time what it might be like to be a rock star on stage, and to be overwhelmed with percolating horny groupies competing for time and cock offstage.

The control shifted to me, but only for as long as it took Jill to coldly tell her rival that she and I were just leaving. With that, Jill took my guitar in one hand, my hand in the other, and we promptly left the building. Foolishly, I allowed her to drive us both in her car instead of me bringing my own car, and we arrived at her apartment a short time later. It was a small 3 story walk up, perfectly suited for her purpose. She quickly removed her coat, and dimmed the mood lighting while opening the fully stocked bar in the corner. She served me a glass of red wine, and selected John Lee Hooker's animated blues classic "I'm in the mood for love" to play seductively on the stereo.

I looked on in amazement as this new species of woman I had never before experienced spun her web of seduction all around me. When I had taken about 2 sips from my wine glass, she motioned me to have a seat on her plush sofa while she "freshened up". She disappeared into her bedroom for several minutes, during which I wandered around her apartment, ending up in the washroom to prepare myself for this new and hopefully exciting experience. When she came into the living room and I wasn't there, I heard her shout my name, as though she was afraid I had bolted and ran. I finished in the washroom, and went back into the living room to be met by a worried Jill with a strange look on her face. "I thought you left me!" she exclaimed, to my surprise, but even greater was my surprise when I saw what she was wearing. A short thigh-high see through negligee and matching lacy black panties with stockings and garters pretty much put me away. "Do you like what you see?" she said with a sexy grin as she pulled me to her. "You are incredibly beautiful!" I said, and smiled sweetly as she took my hand for the second time that night, leading me away to her bedroom lair. What happened next, lives on in my sweetest erotic dreams to this day.....