Feb. 4, 2019

As we’re exploring the lifestyle, we’ve met great people and made some awesome friends. Till that night, we had acquired some experiences in Ls from simple meetings with people to much closer encounters. But that one warm summer night, we sure did do different than the other times.

So, here it is...We’d often get together with this one couple on weekends to have a few drinks and lots of fun. That one night, though, other people had joined the party. Another couple, which we had met at a swingers bar we’d go to, a single friend of ours and some lady who we knew from this vanilla place. The two single people in our party weren’t in the lifestyle then. Anyway back to that night. We were talking, having some drinks and dancing. Basically, enjoying the night as every one was having fun. The one thing I had observed or felt I should say more than anything then is that you could really start to feel the sexual tension from everyone as we were all getting a bit tipsy. In other words, we were all getting horny and had no clue of what the future would bring us to. After all, we were at a vanilla joint.

Later on, we all had gone outside for a smoke in the parking lot. So here is the eight (7) of us at the corner of a major intersection, I mean major, having some heavy sex playing. Yep! LOL

We found ourselves in a pretty hot situation,...very exciting moment. Crazy, you’d say. We agree! LOL

Here’s what I witnessed from the pretty steamy scene...me, the exhibitionist, there I was watching! Lol We were all pretty much standing in some kind of circle, talking and smoking. The nasty thing smoked up, F1 looked at my husband, smiled and started to grope his dick over his jeans. When she was done groping him, she then went down on her knees, put down his zipper and managed to take his hard dick out. Dangerous, ouch! lol The look he gave me was completely chocked with surprise. The one that says: “Honnnn, haaaaaa.” He was definitely enjoying himself as she started to go up and down passionately his hard shaft with her mouth. She then got up but kept going on giving him the delicious lickings. He reached in between her legs and started to play with her pussy. She was really turned on by him moaning with pleasure. Fingering her hard, he made her squirt in no time! I heard it! At that point, he definitely looked like he had surpassed the surprise... playing and watching the two other scenes happening in front of him.

That was on my left. In front of me, f2 had her jeans opened up with her husband hand in it fingering her. She was enjoying the gentle touch moaning away. F3 arrived and joined them. Both girls started to kiss intensely. The husband delightfully kept busy with his wife and started fingering f3. He then encouraged his wife to finger f3. Which she did with excitement! It sure looked like she gave her a good finger ride from my point of view. She didn’t look like she minded either as she was curving her back presenting the fabulous spot to those naughty fingers. They were aiming for her to experience squirting for the first time. F2 was telling f3: « That’s it f3, you can do it. » WoW! It was hot. Lol

Now, you must be wondering what I was doing all that time. Taking notes to publish! I don’t think so! I definitely didn’t only look. Lol M1 was sitting beside me on the tailgate of our vehicle. He reached in my dress to grab one of my breast and started sucking on the nipple. M3 was on my right. He did the same. Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh! lol Loved it. M1 reached under my dress and started to play with my wet pussy. Of course, what do you expect, the twins were happy so was my pussy. Got even wetter! M1 went down on his knees, opened my legs....just kidding. The legs had already opened. He then gently started to lick my clitoris while he kept playing with my gspot. Hummhummhumm! Being visually stimulated, having my breasts played with, touching M3’s hard dick, nipples sucked and pussy eaten... Well, whatever had to happen, happened. I squirted!!! M3 was still playing with my boobs, sucking on the nipples and kissing me. Then, they both switched spots. M3 was now eating me out vigorously as M1 stood beside. I was now able to feel M1 cock over his jeans by grabbing it and rubbing the palm of my hand over it. Felt delicious!

As all good things come to an end, well, that was it! Somebody in the group finally got scared and we stopped behaving like irresponsible people. Hihihi!

It was a very exciting and fun moment but really crazy. We could have gotten caught! Or, did we and they just didn’t say anything. Damn voyeurs! Lol

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed the adventure.

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