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Morning Glory

"A walk in the woods leads to a new life"
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Published 2 months ago

My wife and I got up early for a sunrise hike on a trail near where we lived.  It was July so we’d beat the summer heat by starting early.  She surprised me by wearing a short skirt and low cut blouse which was unusual as there might be bugs out that early, and I enjoyed watching her rub the repellent all over..even, of course, offering to help with certain spots. The park was deserted and we enjoyed the solitude.  Nearing the end of the hike there was a small clearing and she starting looking all around…then shocking me by taking her top off.  We had never done the “outdoors” before, she’d never mentioned that desire, but quickly I followed her lead and we began making out at a picnic table.  Soon my shorts were undone and she went to her knees, taking my hard cock between her warm and wet lips. I then noticed at the end of the clearing another couple emerging from the trail.  I said…hon, we’re not alone…..  she stopped her sucking, but stayed on her knees and looked at them.  From a distance they looked about our age, both in shorts and tshirts.  The main path through the clearing would avoid us, but, out in the open, we were fully visible.  The couple continued walking, closing the distance, and by now they could see what we were up to.  They stopped, looking at us, at which point, amazingly, my wife went back to her previous activity!  This was new territory for both of us.  The couple started walking again and were at the closest point to us along the trail when they stopped.  I was looking directly at them, even gave a little wave, and the male wanted to keep walking, but his female companion was fixated on us.  My wife, sensing them, stopped her work and turned around, facing them, and at the same time, exposing me fully… Hi, she said, we’re just enjoying the great outdoors.  “Yes, we can certainly see that, the other woman said.  At that, my wife stood up, and replied, you’re welcome to stay and watch, now bending over the table, elbows down, feet spread.  Among other things going through my mind, as I positioned behind her, was that how had she planned for this, in the cute skirt etc.  She was off the charts horny and was pouring fuel on this fire!  Skirt up, panties down and I was now inside enjoying a very, very wet pussy, the couple now closer and offset so they could see both of us, still just watching.  After a bit I was asked to stand on the table bench and was now again in my wife’s mouth, on full display.  Then, again, I was shocked when my wife said to them, “any suggestions?”  They were speechless, but the woman clearly wanted to say something.  My wife said, “well, I could use some help with this thing if you’d like…” swinging my fully erect cock back and forth.  ”No thankyou!” the man said and started to walk away, but the couple, once holding hands, watching us, were now separated, the woman staying motionless. “Really!?” He exclaimed, and walked away.  We were now just three in the clearing, my wife taking the woman’s hand, leading her closer to me and taking a quick suck on me, lubing the shaft up again.  “Go ahead, enjoy”…and now this woman, just met, had her lips sliding down my shaft.  How I didn’t lose my load right there and then I have no idea…perhaps watching my wife move behind her and rubbing her body, unbuttoning her shorts and slipping her fingers into this woman’s now writhing body was too much to end prematurely.  Soon we were all naked, sharing pleasures without hesitation and finally I needed sweet release…my wife, ever the perfect hostess, offered my load wherever our guest and new friend wanted it.  Learning then that we had also just witnessed our new friend breaking up with her boyfriend, I then proceed to empty myself into her pussy, our unicorn now baptized with my hot salty load.  Again, ever the hostess, my wife cleaned up the mess I left as I sent another much smaller load into my wife from behind.  A morning of many discoveries…anyone up for a hike?

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