Feb. 27, 2019

I put an add on a Craigslist saying I would be in a motel in Hamilton and had a fantasy I wanted to act out. Basically I was seeking a woman who would come to my motel, find the door open, with me laying naked on the bed. She would come in, sit on my face and make me worship her, have her fun and then leave.

It's a fantasy, and I had little faith that anything would come from it. Just as I was about to stop checking my e-mails and go to sleep I received and e-mail. For once it was not for a dating site and seemed genuine. We exchanged a few messages and spoke on the phone.

So, I got myself set. Grabbed a quick shower then laid on the bed. The door ever slightly open. Whenever a car pulled into the car park I jumped. Feeling vulnerable laying on the bed. Admittedly in an excited state.

I nearly jumped through the roof when I heard the door slowly open. But calmed when I heard a giggle and she said "I didn't expect you to go through with the naked on the bed bit?". Hearing you moving towards the bed, I lie still. Quivering as her hands run up my leg. Playing the role perfectly she grabs by testicles and said "you better lick me good, otherwise these get it".

I hear her slip off her underwear and climb onto the bed. Next minute, I feel the warmth of her thighs on my chest as she straddles my face. I lick my lips in anticipation of what I am about to taste. Then, she sat down on my face and smothered me. I was in heaven, reaching up with my tongue and feeling her lips start to get wet as I teased with my tongue. I was in heaven and by the sounds of it, she was having fun too. We changed position at some point as she wanted to lie down to really appreciate the moment. It was amazing to have her wrap her legs around my head and force me onto her. Especially as she shuddered to climax. Pushing me away, she got up, pulled her underwear back on and headed for the door. Her parting words were "not bad".

So there I was alone again. Feeling used, but very happy.

Tags: adventure, anticipation, ass, butt, climax