Written by foxtrot99

Dec. 21, 2018

Many years ago, I was fortunate to marry a submissive and very sexually adventurous 22 year old with a firm and very desirable body. She was not inexperienced, although her liaisons had been fairly conventional, albeit in a liberal age. Prior to our marriage we indulged in an active and promiscuous sex life. At that time, she lived in a nurse's home, where she enjoyed casual sex with both doctors and patients. I would insist on the details later, whilst adding to the sloppy mess left by her previous encounter.

We enjoyed a varied and adventurous sex life, and I offer a further selection (once again, attempting to avoid the many repetitions), of our little adventures.

Following our marriage (no kids), I began to have her dressed to please (both for me and any other random strangers who might take an interest), this consisted of the usual; stockings and suspenders, no underwear, and no imagination needed to see she was bra-less.

She thrived on the attention when we were out, and, before long, I encouraged her to go out with friends, with no restrictions on her activities.

While our married life was a series of sexual escapades, I had, in fact, laid the foundations for this lifestyle some time earlier - in fact, I persuaded Jane to allow me to offer her for sex with strangers - when we were still single.

I include one our first adventures in this batch of memoirs.

Some two years before our marriage (Jane would have been 20), we were invited to a wedding reception, where, after a few drinks, we made our excuses and left. This proved to be the first time that I persuaded a slightly tipsy Jane, to carry out my sexual requirements.

On our way home I told her to remove her underwear as I intended to have her fucked. By now, she knew that I enjoyed offering her for casual sex, and she had agreed to do as I wished.

She removed her underwear and was left wearing a wrap around dress, heels, and nothing more.

I drove to the local red-light area and parked up. After a while a car with three middle aged men parked fairly close by - I guessed they were on the look out for sex, and, after a few minutes, I walked up to their car and asked them if they were interested in fucking my girlfriend. I told them that she was not a whore, and there would be no charge for her.

The driver said they were interested, and asked me to follow them to a local car park. I said OK, and they drove for a mile or so, to an unlit car park on an industrial estate. They made their way to the far corner of the car park and parked up - I followed and parked just a few yards away.

We sat in our respective vehicles for a short time, each wondering which was the best way to get what both parties wanted, which was, of course, for Jane to provide sex.

Eventually, I instructed her to go over to their car and do whatever they asked – she got out and nervously walked across to her new ‘friends’

I sat for almost an hour and was beginning to get a little worried, when, at last, I saw Jane get out of the rear door of their vehicle. She walked back to our car, holding her dress across the front of her body. She got into the passenger seat and I slid my hand up her dress and told her to open her legs - she was sore and soaked.

I asked her for details, to which she replied in a subdued voice, 'they all had what they wanted'.

I simply had to fuck her while she was still freshly used. To this end, I found a quiet spot, where I pulled over, reclined her seat and told her to lie back and open her dress.

With her naked and available, I climbed on top, and buried my dick into her.

I then insisted on the details of her encounter.

She said that the guy in the back of the car had got out, allowing the rear seat to be folded flat (they had some sort of estate car), - Jane was then told to get in the back - and on her back.

The driver followed her into the car, told her to open her dress, and then climbed on top. He was in his fifties, and he made Jane work his dick until it was hard - he then fucked her.

He was replaced by the second guy (who had watched her first performance from the passenger seat, and needed no further stimulation) - who also fucked her, enjoying sloppy seconds. The third guy took his turn but, as he was grossly overweight, there was no question of him having her in the missionary position - he told Jane to get on her knees to allow him access for sex.

He squeezed behind her and lifted her dress, exposing her bare buttocks - after much grunting, pushing and pulling, he finally appeared satisfied with her availability.

He put a large, flabby hand over her mouth, adjusted his position one last time, and pinned her under his crushing weight.

He sodomized her.

As he was enjoying her, he whispered in her ear that she must tense her anal muscles, in order to hasten his climax – Jane, fearful of being crushed, nodded, and did his bidding.

Just a few minutes later, he groaned and ejaculated into her bowels – he then eased his weight off her, and informed a crushed and sore Jane, that he had finished with her.

With a struggle, he extricated himself from the car, leaving Jane, searching for her shoes, and hoping that they were all done.

Unfortunately, as the last guy was fastening his trousers, she heard him say 'I have had her arse and it's tight'.

The first guy immediately opened the car door and told Jane to get back on her knees. He took up his position behind her, and told her to offer him anal sex.

She obediently raised her buttocks and lowered her head - thus allowing him to take what his friend had so recently enjoyed.

At this point, they seem to have had their fill, and allowed Jane to put on her shoes and, gingerly, get out of the car.

They were keen to meet up with her again, but she said she would have to ask me for permission. As I added my contribution to her well used pussy, I told her that I preferred on the spur adventures, and that I would find a lot more where they had come from.

A short time after our marriage, Jane returned home from a night out. She pulled off her dress, displaying a series of welts across her upper thighs, both front and back - obviously she had met a guy who took pleasure from beating her. She liked to be dominated, and she took several beatings in the early days, but was always fearful that one of her casual pick-ups might get carried away.

She recounted her experience as I fucked her - which, initially consisted of a pick up at a nightclub, followed by a stop off for sex, in the car. Her new friend had discovered that she wore stockings and suspenders with no underwear, and this encouraged him to take what he wanted. He had her bend over the car seat as he slid his cock up her - just a few strokes had Jane begging for him to be more forceful. He withdrew, moved his dick into line with her arse, and buggered her. Jane let out a small scream and tried to move her arse away from his thrusting cock - he was having none of this, and held her in position as he rode her until he emptied himself deep in her bowels.

Following rough sex, he became very considerate and complimentary - he kissed her and performed oral sex, while all the time apologising for being so hard on her. He asked her back to his place, where he promised that he would make up for his rough treatment of her.

Once they were back at his flat, and had drunk a glass of wine, he ran his hand up her leg and asked her if she enjoyed kinky sex games. Jane was very adventurous, and asked what he had in mind. He said that he wanted to cane her (using a bamboo cane), before fucking her again. Jane (guessing that she had little choice in the matter), agreed to take the caning - but insisted that he must stop when she asked him to.

She was told to strip down to her stockings and suspenders, and lie on the bed - he caned her, front and back, across her thighs and arse, until she felt that she could take no more. She asked him to stop, and after two more slashes, he told her to turn over, as he intended to finish the night with anal sex.

Jane knew that she could take no more of the cane and simply followed his instructions; she turned over and raised her buttocks, thus allowing him free access for his enjoyment.

He quickly took his pleasure, before allowing her to leave for home.

I fucked her repeatedly that night, telling her that I was pleased with her, and that I expected more adventures of this nature. In those days, she was a highly sexed young woman, and said that she would allow me to have her fucked, any way, and with anyone I wanted. She was held to this promise, repeatedly, throughout the following years.

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