Jun. 5, 2015

Having been on the site for a while and being a single guy I know it requires patience, politeness and respect for people to connect. And while I have only met a few, and "played" with even fewer this story is about a couple who sought a single playmate and have become great friends, both in and out of the bedroom!

Our initial meeting was at a pub and came with the usual nervousness that always seems to happen at a 1st meet and greet. I was dressed neatly, hoping they would find me attractive. I was pleasantly surprised when we connected, the firm handshake from the gentleman and the beautiful smile from his oh-so-sexy partner. We talked openly, but discreetly given the public venue where we met. That in itself was a turn on - the frequent smiles from both of them and the honesty that came through in the discussion - this was a couple with whom I wanted to become friends and, of course, playmates. After a drink or two, and something to eat, we agreed to take the time to think about getting together - giving each other some food for thought and an indication that the 1st meeting was a success - now the imagination could take over until next time.

The next meeting was in a more private setting - a hotel room. He carefully planned the evening, bringing wine, cheese and fruit. We were able to talk openly, he expressed his bi-curious interests as did I. His lovely partner was so supportive - while she had her own fantasies and sexual interests, she wanted to suck a cock with her hubby and wanted to share the eroticism of it all. Man what a turn-on! It didn't take long for the clothes to come off. Being the single guy I was very respectful - while hungry to lick her pussy and indulge in my own oral curiosity I watched as my new partners began to caress and fondle each other. I was invited to join and I eagerly kissed her not being able to wait to taste her shaved pussy. The two of them were equally eager to share my cock, wanting me to come so they could share this first of a kind experience. And I did come - couldn't resist.

Our attention then turned to him. We both kissed and took turns sharing, licking and sucking his cock - a huge turn on for both of us. My wandering fingers played with her pussy and breasts - she was (and is) so beautiful. We were all extremely turned on. I watched closely as he entered her pussy. Some things need to remain between partners and as they whispered their continuing fantasies to each other, I touched, licked and sucked helping them toward a terrific orgasm.

We have met on two other occasions - each as erotic as the first - I will share those another time. There is a genuineness about these two that make our meetings erotic from the first "hello". We'd love to find a bi-curious woman to join us, or another respectful male or two. In the meantime, I wanted to share that there are some great people out there and threesomes are still alive and well...