Feb. 24, 2016

When I last wrote a story it was about the exciting new couple I met, the erotic 3somes we had and the "fantasy" they had of three bi-curious guys and the gorgeous lady in the group. Well, happy to report that the fantasy has been fulfilled.

We all met on an afternoon last week. Although the couple had met both of us "single" guys and we had met each other, we had not all played together. We started with wine and fine conversation as a warm up. She was dressed in a very sexy outfit as we casually sat around anticipating the afternoon playtime. After a while she and the other single began kissing and caressing while hubby and I watched. It didn't take long before we all went up to the bedroom. We all undressed and as they fondled her breasts and kissed her, I went straight for her shaven pussy. Licking her slit was so erotic as two other cocks got harder. I took the opportunity to take the new guy into my mouth for a bit as well. You could tell she was enjoying the attention and the "show" as well.

As we got on the bed she began to give me a blow job. It didn't take long for her warm and tender mouth to bring me to orgasm (she's done it a few times before). With that she began to share my come with the other guys, kissing them and then coming back to me. In the meantime, the other two were busy sucking each other's cock. She and I touched each other while watching them...it was very erotic.

After a bit she rejoined them on the bed and they took turns fucking her hot pussy and mouth. As her husband began to fuck her, the other guy came over and took my cock in his mouth. Watching them while getting a blowjob was an experience I won't forget. He then went over and stood at the side of the bed as she let him put his hard cock in her pussy while she gave her husband head. He fucked her slowly at first but as the husband's hand came up between his legs and stroked his balls the breathing and pace increased until he groaned as he unloaded his come into her.

With this she let he husband eat her pussy and then she began to ride him. I was eager to watch him explode as well, but time had passed far too quickly and I had to leave. So, I left them all in the bedroom, sure that they would continue. They are such great folks and I had such a great time...hoping to do it again very soon.