Jul 19, 2014

I've always wanted to write the story of how my swinging experiences began - so here goes. Circa 1976 - as a young man I met another guy who liked to get out for a game of golf occasionally. We began a close friendship and introduced me to his girlfriend. Later that year they were married. We hung out often but never was there anything but a friendly drink, occasional dinner and golf or pool.

One winter night after an evening playing pool he invited me back to his house for a beer - and to continue playing (they had a table in the basement). Going for a beer was normal after playing so I didn't suspect a thing. When we arrived, I hung my leather jacket in the hall and we went to the basement to set up the table and he called to his wife that we were home. We began to play and all of a sudden Mary came downstairs - wearing nothing but my leather jacket and a g-string and carrying a couple of beers. She looked stunning! As she came closer you could tell she was nervous, but he was in control and start to kiss her and feel her up. I just watched.

He sat on the pool table and she unzipped his fly. Taking his cock out, she began to give him a blowjob. He motioned me to get into the action. I came up behind her and started to kiss her neck, working my hand in her pants to feel her very moist pussy. I kissed all the way down her back pulling the g-string to the floor. My friend said that they had wanted a 3-some with me for some time and were pleased I wanted to play. I had never experienced bi-desires before and he was somewhat homophobic being quick to point out that 3 somes were for her ...no "ac/dc" he was quick to say!

We all lost our clothes and continued the foreplay - me licking and sucking her breasts and pussy while she sucked his cock. Occasionally I would go for a sip of beer and he would kiss and lick where I had just been. He sat down on the couch and she straddled him - facing me. As she slowly rode his cock she motioned that she wanted to hug and kiss me. Of course I obliged, kneeling on the floor facing her, I kissed her beautiful lips and sucked her gorgeous breasts. All of a sudden I got the urge to lick her pussy while his cock continued to gently slide in and out. As I started to lick her clit she thrust forward to give me more and his cock popped out. Without even thinking my mouth covered his cock, pushing against her pussy. And they both came - a tremendous orgasm and so damn erotic.

Without a word she sought out my mouth and began to kiss me deeply. She whispered that she wanted my cock in her pussy, not half as much as I do I thought. As I moved her off him to lay her on the carpet she spread her legs and I plunged deep into her soaking pussy. It didn't take very long to come.

We all freshened up but each time would start to touch, talk and laugh. The play lasted all night. But the bi part of the activity was not brought up or mentioned. After that first time we played often. An interesting twist was that most of our playtime happened in a bed and my friend was quite keen to maneuver his lady and I into a 69 position. And almost always his cock would sneak in between her legs while I ate her...and I pleased them both. I am also positive that there was more than one mouth sucking my cock...but we never spoke of the "ac/dc" play - I think we just silently enjoyed it.

To this day one of my favourite turn-ons is to lick a pussy and where possible a cock in an MFM situation. And that is how a "straight" guy became bi-curious. Not for everyone but more than erotic for some!