Oct. 27, 2018

It has been a while but lately I've been thinking of wonderful memories my girlfriend and I used to have in Ft. Lauderdale. We've known each other forever as friends and I did have a 3some experience or two with her and her husband, but it was very long ago, always at their house and never made public. Now she was single and the two of us had just agreed to date.

I invited her for the weekend to Ft. Lauderdale. I got there first, rented the car and met her flight. She was as beautiful as I remembered and we were excited to see each other, making small talk as we drove to the hotel. When we got settled we went down for a drink. As we explored each other with questions I asked her if she was still interested in swinging. To my delight she said she had hoped I was - it had been a long time for her and she was hoping I would want her to play. That night we made fantastic love, with fantasies whispered to each other making it so damn erotic!

The next night, after dinner we got ready to go to an on-premise swing club. We were both nervous, but it was a bottle club and after a few vodka's the nerves went away. Single men had to sit at the bar and could only engage if asked by a couple. We started there. She was wearing an almost see through top, split from her neck to her bely button. The mini skirt was wonderfully short - you could just see her pussy when she sat on a stool.

In the venue you could stay dressed, or get a locker and strip naked - they supplied a towel for the patrons. There were several sections to the place - a hot tub, a pool room, dance floor with pole, and a "lovenasium" wall to wall mattresses that fit several couples. There were also private bedrooms for the more shy patrons - made for sex and 3somes were allowed (and encouraged). As the nerves diminished we decided we were going to try the hot tub, then play some pool and maybe the lovenasium. We also decided we were going to go naked for the night.

"But before we do" she said "I like this guy next to me at the bar and would like to start with him, do you mind". I smiled and gave her a kiss - "this is your weekend honey" I said. And with that she turned and asked the guy if he would like to go to a room with her. He almost fell off his chair, but she sweetly opened her legs to show him what he was about to get. And they vanished. It didn't take long but she was back. She told me he had great cock and put my hand on her hot pussy, still damp with her juices.

We went to the lockers and undressed, then she went to the women's room for a quick shower. From there we went to the hot tub. "Get up on the ledge" she said, "I want you to come" and with that she gave me the most exquisite blow job in front of another couple who were in the tub as well. The lady commented how wonderful it was to watch.

From there we went to the pool room. We played a game and then sat on the couch to watch another two couples play. There was a younger couple sitting on a couch opposite. They were dressed and the girl looked a little uncomfortable. The guy had taken his cock out and she was holding it - but not looking like she was having fun. My girl whispered in my ear "I'd love to show her how to suck that". I told her I'd like to see that - I was not very shy in those days so I said to the girl "my wife would love to such your boyfriends cock, is that okay?" She looked relieved somehow and slowly nodded her head. Well, my lady went over and got on her knees and sucked him like a champ. He came, stroked her hair and said "wow, that was terrific". She smiled and came back to me. He wasn't so lucky...his girlfriend said "how could you want another woman to do that - were leaving". I don't think he had a good night.

And it was off to the lovenasium! By now there were several couples on the beds. Look, but don't touch unless you're asked is the rule. We go on the mattress, began to kiss and touch each other. And then there was a tap on my shoulder - I rolled over to see the couple from the hot tub. "My wife really liked your cock and would like to suck it" he said. "Of course that is if your partner is okay". With that I whispered in my girlfriends ear "would you like to see that honey?". "Yes" she said "and..I'd also like you to fuck her" and with a wink she added "because I want to fuck him LOL".

With that I went over to his partner. I started with sucking her breasts and licking her pussy but it didn't take long till we were in a 69. True to her wish she sucked me till I came. We took a break fondling each other while watching her husband fuck my girlfriend. When they were finished I was ready again and we screwed ourselves silly.

We ended up making friends with that couple and over the next year or two, whenever we went to Ft. Lauderdale we met them for erotic experiences. But those are stories for another time...