Written by Anonymous

Dec. 13, 2018

....contDinner finished and all the awkward introductions out of the way we retire with our hosts to there entertainment room. Well that's how he described it earlier. " Don't worry , we can have some fun later in our entertainment room"

Well we had arrived , at the entertainment room, not sure what we expected but, it was , very relaxed , , large flat screen TV , and many cushions, a fire burning and a row of shooters on the bar. We all enjoyed the shooters and the unforgettable sounds coming from the TV, of a xxx movie. Hot , nice bodies and perfect cocks, Always that way on TV, but I was more interested in the so called surprise that ms was going to show us. We settled back on the couch and waited.

When she came into the room I was shocked did not recognize this gorgeous woman from earlier, and she had on the cutest little outfit with her ass hanging out and tits on full display, and was carrying another round of shooters, in one hand and a rather large dildo in the other. Choose she said , for every shooter you drink you can insert this dildo into one of my holes, laughing in delight. I knew I was being set up this was going to be fun , I would get to dildo fuck her while getting drunk , while my missus got fucked by him sort of a quid pro quo. You fuck mine and I will fuck yours. Well in this case anyway.

As the evening progressed the games got more and more raunchy, from licking shooters of there tits, and his cock to finding the ice cube, in some strange places, and with hot porn on the TV and lots of touching fingering and licking going on.

Eventually long after midnight we called it a night, nobody had got fucked but we had a lot of fun, They told us how they enjoyed teasing and having fun and would often hold parties for swinging couples, and we should attend,. I just wanted my bed and to finally slip my cock into my missus to end the evening, and so that's what we did, falling asleep my cock buried deep in her pussy while we spooned, too much alcohol, and excitement for one night and so we slept.....Mmmmm dreaming of pussy. Morning we awake early. Hung over still horny it’s quiet in the guesthouse everybody must be sleeping.

I sneak out of bed don’t want to wake her just yet. I go into the bathroom have to get rid of taste of booze and cigarettes. Feels like a bird crapped in my mouth. The eyes that stare back in the mirror look no better but give credit my cock is still semi hard. I clean up and put on the kettle. Guest houses all the same limited space but everything you need.

She stirs slowly stretching like a cat I suppose. We had a good night and memories come flooding back. Shit did we do anything outrageous did I fuck the blonde. No it was all just a lot of fun and we had enjoyed ourselves. I wondered if we could extend our stay or come back when they partied. No maybe we can just carry on from last night after all we had the whole weekend.

I gave her coffee she looked beautiful her hair a mess and eyes not quiet awake yet. Good morning I said how are we feeling this morning? She mumbled something about her head and what we got up too. I pretend I don’t hear . So what do you say should we explore the house see what we find? I ask her .

She lays back on the pillow and stares at me. You want more? Well then come taste me. She kicks back the covers exposing her beautiful wet pussy. I don’t hesitate and with my mint fresh mouth I dive straight between her legs to get a taste of her soft wet cunt.

Nothing beats early morning sex. I have always loved sucking pussy. The taste the texture of her skin. The different folds and holes. The lips spread to easily and her gorgeous pussy is fully exposed. I admire it breathing. Heavily. My breath caresses her skin as I stare at her gorgeous cunt. Wet open her small peephole exposed down to the perfect V of her ass crack. I lick her slowly at first we don’t want her to be ravaged well not yet anyway . I focus on her labia licking up from her ass to her clit. My tongue finding her hole and then her mound and soft wet hairs. She shaves but I still love the hair it’s soft curly and covered with juice. She moans and pushes her hips forward her cunt fully open and willing. I focus on her clit and push my fingers into her and she moans in delight. Moving my fingers inside her I stretch and open wider her clit is hard and firmly in between my lips. I feel her pleasure in more ways than imaginable. She is in bliss and clenching her vagina on my fingers. Last nights finger fuck flashes in my mind she had nearly squeeezed my hand numb. I can feel her starting to loose control. She forces her cunt into my face grinding her ass and pussy at the source of her pleasure. I love it and bury my face my mouth and my nose in every hole available and then she cums it’s a shudder and a cry of pleasure it’s a release of her juices as she floods my face and mouth with her juices and I love every second of it.....then the knock on the door.

Oh shit it’s dejevous last night she had walked in while I was getting a blow job and I fell on my ass now he was knocking. . She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my head into her soaking cunt. Maybe it was her shield. Then the door opened. I could not see shit but she was facing the door and I heard her say. Can I help you.? The silence and I started to giggle my face full of pussy but I was battling to breath. Then I heard the reply.

My wife and I want to invite you to a party but it looks like it’s already started. May we join you? Under the blanket with my face in her pussy I could only wait . She said in a rather soft voice we would luv to join you. Can we just take a shower first....... to be cont

His name was Mark he had owned the guest house forever a long story but he had been nothing but hospitable since our mis adventures.

I had seen her staring at his dick last night during the numerous drinking games we played . I had been looking at his wife too. Nice tits and built for comfort . Mark on the other hand was clearly interested in mine and besides they were now old freinds.

She had seen me getting a blowjob and my face was in her pussy while mark stared at her tits. I had asked her after his knock if she thought he stared at her tits forever. I had nearly suffocated in her pussy I was not forgetting. She had laughed . Oh sure he had a big cock and it was on show she said.

We stayed in bed for an hour or so it was early and the day held promise.

We had started in the car finger fucking and her juices all over my seat and a bj. Then the games in the house but not before we were bust in the room and my cock exposed to her then this morning mark walking in and seeing her tits my ass and my face buried in her pussy. Awkward I must say, but we discussed it so do we stay or do we go?

I am lying behind her my cock against her ass Love this feeling of soft bum and hard cock seem to merge. God wish I could fuck her ass now, but that will wait for another day. We have mark and what s her name to deal with and an invite with a lot of promise. She gets up goes to the shower mmmm maybe I will get a second forty winks.

I stroke my cock it’s still hard but I close my eyes and dream of pussy and more pussy. Jesus but its a nightmare I wake up no more pussies just the sound of the shower and her in there getting ready.

Getting ready for what? Marks cock or what’s her names pussy or both or all of the above. Fuck sake it could be an orgy .

I stop breathing this is what you want sex, sex and more sex. Fuck you must be an addict your mother told you to stop wanking Mad Ok it’s calm. I wait hear the shower is off.

She calls me. Lovey can you bring the gown? I get up move to the shower and hope finish what I started earlier and open the door. She is breath taking standing naked in the small cubicle

Could not swing a cat in here I think, but her pussy is barely covered by the towel. Soft lips barely hidden but totally exposed fuck I do love this woman. My cock is instantly throbbing then I say maybe we should discuss some ground rules.

Fuck what a let down she looks down and says, but lovey I saw marks cock and u said anything I want. Fuck she is right as usual ok well let’s at least play it cool I say it’s 9!am breakfast is at 10 we better get a move on and she must still do the face.

Fuck but it’s a frustrating wait but worth it in the end. I say nothing rather I am scheming. What if he wants her but she doesn’t want me. No maybe she wants mfm and he wants mfm or mmff. Fuck what if he want s to fuck me. Jesus now I have to worry about that too. She is oblivious makeup on sexy robe and sandals not much else. We take our towels and head for the pool.

He had mentioned it was casual and nobody else around so maybe a skinny dip. As we round the corner we get a full view.

Jesus but everybody is nude there are at least a dozen people all shapes and sizes by my eye. We are totally over dressed in gowns and slops but he is quick to wave. Fuck of course it’s him. The one my wife wants to fuck it or is it his wife wants to fuck or I want to fuck. I say nothing just wave back and take her arm and guide her to him like delivering a sacrificial lamb.

Is that jealousy I feel or is it excitement. My cock is throbbing so looks like excitement wins for now. She is radiant chatting away with what’s her name and mark. I am watching the people the woman all desirable not models just nudists live showing it off in nature. I know now it is a large ranch and nudists welcome. Kind of a beau brummel thro back. We are just another couple of nudists so it’s relaxing. We take a swim and she holds me under water and whispers in my ear.

I want to fuck him. I want him to fuck me and I want you to watch. I moan fuck you want all the fun. She laughs, yes she says and when his done you can keep eating my pussy. Oh fuck what have I created a nympho. Holy shit but I am rock hard at the thought. Of watching her and then I will fuck her and she can squeal all she wants her ass is mine. I hear our host inviting us to join him and his misssus in the jacuzzi Here we go. ...... to be cont