Mar. 28, 2020

We have tried a few foam parties, Club Med, Cap D’Agde, Hedo and and others and found some to be awesome and others duds, but his one was Jamaican Hot

Getting the foam recipe right is a real challenge because the foam should be slippery fun and light but not irritating for the skin, especially the delicate lady parts, nor painful to the eyes. We were cautious after some previous eye irritation, but this time the foam was thick enough to hide in, without irritating the eyes, even when over the head. Being able to “hide” in the foam is a lot of fun and many people are much more willing to play if they cannot be seen by everyone around them, especially if that play is particularly naughty.

Suzy and I had been dancing to the club beat and enjoying the slick silky feel of our hands on bodies and just rubbing together. Into our foam bubble appeared a charming young Haitian man that we had met earlier. He enjoyed Suzy’s company because she is fluent in French, as is he, a rare thing in Jamaica. This is always fun for me because I speak and understand some French, but always a sentence or so behind, but I love to hear her using the “language of love.” Usually, francophone men and most women are flirting with my girl and trying to seduce her, occasionally succeeding. We chatted a bit and, of course, the hands started to caress all the body parts with Suzy sandwiched between the two men. To my surprise a hand that was not Suzy’s slipped past her hip an found my hard cock and started caressing. I was not disappointed with this 3 way play and stepped to Suzy’s side to reach and stroke his hard, black dick, the first black cock that I had touched. He was slightly larger than me, but not the BBC of legend.

Homophobia is very prevalent in Jamaica, so the secrecy provided by the foam was quite important for this kind of play. Suzy’s hands had been busy but now reached for our dicks and was surprised to find that both cocks already had other hands caressing them. We learned to share the cocks and balls and enjoyed dancing and playing for a while. I commented to Suzy that he was bigger than me, which she acknowledged with a coy smile, and added “and hotter, too.” Noticing my look of curiosity, she said “Hold this thing, it feels actually hotter.” And she was correct, the skin of his cock felt hotter in my hand than did my own.

Into our foam bubble appeared another taller, younger, black fellow, this one from Jamaica. Suzy was now surrounded by three horny men and hands were everywhere. I wasn’t sure how the new addition was going to affect the bi play until his large hand enveloped my cock and started stroking. Maybe bi play is not so uncommon here? I reached around and found his cock and found Suzy’s other hand already there and we had plenty of cock for both her hand and mine. She couldn’t get her fingers all the way around his dick; this was the real BBC. And HOT, This dick was the hottest body part we have ever touched, not burning our palms, but significantly higher temperature than our skin. The advantage and drawback of a foam party is it limits the extent of play. We are certainly not sucking any tits or dicks covered with this foam, nor are fingers or cocks going into pussy – too much chance of irritation, but this also keeps things light and playful.

We developed a rhythm with Suzy’s hands on the Haitian in front and Jamaican behind with her focus on the front. The Haitian had one hand for her and one for my straining dick which he shared with the Jamaican guy. My left hand drifted from Suzy to the Haitian to my own dick in a smooth luxurious dance. My right hand stayed with the awesome ebony trunk rubbing up her ass and back. After a few minutes I noticed that frequently Suzy would straighten up a bit and shudder with a sigh and mewing. I reached down and stroked her clit, which elicited a similar response, but not as fully. Then the Haitian’s hot, hard cock appeared, pushing my fingers aside, as his cock slipped between the lips of her vulva, over her clit and sliding over top of her vagina, pumping there a few times and withdrawing. There was that hot spasm again. What a tease. He wasn’t fucking her, but oooh so close.

Our Jamaican began to thrust into our hands and along her back more urgently and I knew he was close to coming. I had never held another cock during orgasm and this was extremely exciting. I kept pumping his cock until he started to grunt and I guessed he was ejaculating onto my bride. I slid my hand up to the large head of his cock and felt the power of his cum spurting out of that beautiful BBC. We would be finding his come in her hair for the next day. This melted any restraint I could find and, pulling my wife’s hand and the Haitian’s to pump my cock, I came all over her beautiful tits and belly. He takes some of my cum and cover the head of his cock and strokes, adding to the slipperiness of the foam and my wife’s pussy juices oozing out of her pussy. He then returns his cock to stroke her pussy with my cum and she shivers and quakes even more. Pulling his cock to the front she begins to wank at it with both hands, now wanting and demanding his semen, I reach under and caress and fondle his balls, looking to milk him fully for my wife. A few more grunts and he cums and squirts up to her chin. Again I cover a knob to feel the pulse of semen into my hand and I then cover her nipples with his gift.

Suzy, however, is not done. She slides his still hard, hot cock down between her legs and starts humping hard and fast, rubbing his cum covered cock against her clit and vagina. So close! Not intercourse, but not safe sex either. Only a few strokes more and she climaxes with cries and whimpers that travel far outside our foam bubble. Our playmates slip away and she all but collapses into my shoulder. A few minutes of recovery and water and a drink are required. Stepping out of the foam we see some of our other friends and their eyes grow wide. Maybe it’s the black light but the foam is distinct from cum and her front is painted with it. Slut that I am, I turn her around to show them her back is painted with cock juice as well. Thumbs up all around!