Feb. 18, 2019

My oh my oh my now I was hooked I so wanted to fuck that little hottie that gave me such an awesome blow job.we chatted by phone often , I'd call her house and if her husband answered I would say ,let her know Dwight called ,not sure if he ever suspected,but both our marriages were on the rocks before we met .

So an awesome opportunity to hook up came up ,she said her husband was going to be out of town on a company course for two or three days ,so I lined up over time or fake over time,I forgot lol ,and when the night came a snow storm hit ,it was about 2 or 3 months after our first meeting I think ,,,,my wife will probably correct me on this ,lol.

So that evening I phoned touched base ,she had kids to put to sleep before I could cummmmmm over , finally I got the call I drove around the block looking for a place to park , couldn't park in her driveway?,so I found a spot on the side street ,lots of snow coming down now ,so I was instructed to cummmm in the back door ,not her back door lol the house .

I arrived at the door and was greeted by a very hot sexy little woman,I think she just had a house coat on and naked underneath,fuck I was horny and nervous,we kissed for a bit ,fuck she's a good kisser ,I was later to find out that a slow hot passionate kiss gets her pussy very very very wet ?,

After our lips parted I got my boots off and she took my coat ,she told me to go ahead and have a seat ,I had brought some beer for myself Andrea drank red wine I'm not sure if I brought any ,but at any rate she joined me on the couch with a glass of wine and as we made idle chit chat and sipped our drinks so much was racing through my head , fuck I wanted this little hottie sitting next to me with her house coat partially opened reveling most of those very perky tits ,I don't know who made the first move but finally Sparks started to fly ,we embraced in another long hot passionate kiss only this time hands were roaming,I gently pulled her house coat opened reviling a pair of beautiful tits slowly carressing them,while her hand immediately found its way to my crouch ,my cock was so fucking hard stretching my tight jeans and leaking I didn't bother wearing underwear so she could see the big wet spot and feel it , because our lips parted a little for her to say ,' mmmmmmmm very nice I want to suck your cock ',and I could feel both her hands fumbling with my zipper and down it went ,love that sound ,and I naturally leaned back giving her easier access to undo my pants ,her eyes were focused on my very hard leaking cock pointing straight up ozzing precum ,she grabbed my pants working them down with my help ,down to my ankles which I managed to finish off ,I spread my legs giving this very horny little hottie very easy access to my balls and cock and she wasted no time she placed that hungry hot little mouth around my very swollen cock head while her tongue swirled around licking up all my leakage ,holy fuck she's good,no better than good , awesome,such an appetite she was moaning and groaning savoring every second and so was I just listening to her made me release even more precum her soft hand carressing my balls her other hand slowly sliding up and down my shaft trying to coax out as much Cock juice as she could , waiting for me to blow a nice big load into her hungry mouth .

I wasn't going to last very long the way she would slide her lips and tongue up and down my shaft making it up to my cock head and engulf it sliding as much of my cock as she could while her talented tongue would swirl all around and the hot sexy sounds escaping her mouth she truly loved sucking cock .

I'm thinking minutes later I could feel my cock head swell even bigger in her little mouth as my cock juice started up my shaft ,she knew it was cummmming,' mmmmmmmmmmmmm escaped her mouth and I started pumping and pumping and pumping shot after shot of Cock juice into this little hotties mouth and she was swollowing every drop carressing my balls coaxing every fucking drop out she wanted it all , it felt sooooool good I'm pretty sure my toes curled as I kept releasing shot after shot of cum .

She kept on softly carressing my balls and now receding cock and her mouth kept slurping and licking up the cum that got away all the while moaning exoticly like a starving horny little vixon,when she was satisfied she lapped up every drop and my well satisfied cock was definitely soft now ,she slide up on top of me and we kissed for a nice long time .

She then got up grabbed me another beer and herself another wine and we chatted catching our breath her hand placed on my soft cock mine on her leg slowly sliding up and down,I guess she couldn't take any more and grabbed my hand and slide it up to her very soaking wet pussy as soon as I touched it she let out a soft moan and two of my fingers slide easily she was so wet ,her house coat wide open my mouth made its way to her awesome tits and slowly sucked and kissed them from one to to the other her nips big and hard ,she kept moaning and groaning with pleasure as I slowly worked my two fingers in an out making Andrea gasp her hand was still on my cock though,but was just gently squising it her eyes closed tight , moaning and groaning gasping for air as I slowly picked up my pace ,she was lost in exstasy,she was building up an awesome orgasm,she was squeezing my semie hard cock now a little harder ,' yes yes that's it fuck yes yes fuck I'm going to cum don't stop fuck yes it feels so good don't stop'she can get very verbal when having hot sex ,love it ,my fingers sliding in her soaking wet pussy slightly curled up hitting her G spot ,she gripped my cock do hard and let loose,I mean flooding she kept cuming and cuming one orgasm blending into another and I loved every second love it when a woman cums such a turn on , finally she subsided and I slowed my pace her hot little body kept jerking and twitching involuntary,she kept gasping for air,'holy fuck that was good ,she soaked the couch and floor and my hand ,we locked into another hot kiss I brought my soaking wet fingers up to our mouths and we both licked and sucked her pussy juice off and I could feel her hand gently stroking my semie hard cock again,fuck it felt good ,.

Our lips parted and we sat back both gasped a little,she grabbed her wine and looked at me saying'holy fuck that was great and she smiled at me ,I just replied fuck yes that was awesome,and smiled back sipping my beer ,her hand made its way to my cock again carressing my balls and cock mmmmmmmm look at that nice and handed me her wine ,and her very talented mouth engulfed my cock again,fuck she's good and so fucking horny,she sucked and licked my balls slowly stroking my cock , didn't take long she had me fully erect once again,the sounds escaping her mouth as she worked over my cock ,I so had to fuck her ,her mouth left my cock but her hand kept stroking it,she looked at me and said'you have to fuck me ,I want to feel your cock in me 'fuck yes I said she laid back spreading her legs exposing her very swollen pussy lips and soooo wet you could see her pussy juice her one hand found its way to her clit stroking it moaning looking at my very hard cock she reached for it grabbing hold and pulling it to her pussy entrance,as soon as my cock head touched her pussy lips and entrance she let out a very loud gasp her eyes closed tight trying to pull me all the way in ,but I just stopped looking down at that beautiful site,her pussy lips so swollen and horny to get fucked they kayed to the side her two fingers carressing her clit moaning soft gasps escaping her mouth,.

Seeing as I already blew a nice big load of cock juice into her talented hungry mouth,I could hold back a little and only started pumping my cock head in and out slowly, Andreas both hands on my ass cheeks trying desperately to pull me as deep as possible but I would only allow a little at a time she started to tell me' fuck me fuck me I need to get fucked yes yes 'as I worked a little more cock in until I slammed my cock to it's hilt balls squished tight to her little ass and held it there she let out a very loud gasp and moan and as I pulled back her hands on my ass cheeks I started pumping that little tight pussy balls slapping she let me know 'im cuming fuck yes I'm cuming fuck me fuck me fuck don't stop she creamed my cock with pussy juice and kept pulling my ass as deep as she could and I kept fucking this little very horny hottie,.

We fucked on the couch for a long while loving every minute fucking tongue filled kisses,after a long while I pulled out cock covered in pussy juice and I'm sure there was some of my Cock juice mixed in ,no she said and then quickly eyes focusing on my very hard cock covered in juice ,said mmmmmmmm look at that and sat up leaning forward grabbed hold and started licking and sucking,aw man it felt sooooool good, licking and sucking my balls sliding her tongue up and down my shaft again,man oh man ,but I wanted to fuck her some more so I let her clean off my cock nicely and then guided her to the floor on her hands and knees and got behind her ,mmmmmmmm yes she said fuck me some more I brought my cock up to those nicely swollon red pussy lips placed my cock head in between them and she arched her back and then pushed her little ass backwards and she engulfed my cock to the hilt moaning and gasping with pleasure,I grabbed hold of her waste and started to fuck her ,she felt so good and the sounds coming out of her ,then she bent down reaching behind and started to carresse my balls ,I was fucked,she felt my cock head swelling up once again and said 'Oh yes fuck me ,fill my pussy with your cum ,fuck me fuck me ,I started blowing another big load ,at least it felt like a big load ,but I kept on pumping that little pussy I could see my cum leaking out ,my cock was covered ,next minute she told me she was cumming again and started moaning and groaning as her pussy juice covered my cock as well as my cum ,this was awesome I kept fucking her but at a slower pace catching my breath ,she kept pushing back on me until my cock got soft and fell out ,she swung around and before I knew it was sucking and licking my cock again,fuck this girl is amazing I thought,when she finished she got on her knees and we had a nice long tongue filled kiss again,she felt good such a passionate person , finally we regrouped I put my clothes on and we sat back down on the couch finished our drinks and chatted touched and carressed each other until we heard one of the kids moving up stairs Andrea intercepted her before she got down stairs and I put my boots and coat on waited for that horny little ????? hottie gave her a nice kiss goodnight ? and departed still snowing but what a night I'll be seeing more of her I thought and on the way home Garth Brooks came on the radio The thunder rolls,love that song ,,,,,,, David