Jul. 5, 2018

My husband knows that I hate the process of meeting a man to joins us. All the cock pictures and the stuff written by the responder does nothing for me other than turn me off. Talking about it has always been a turn on for me but as for trying to find someone thats the problem. So my husband has taken it upon himself to find someone to join us, with me totally unaware of what he has been up to. What kind of a man will he pick he knows I like the older gentleman, while he would prefer a young man. So one night we go out to play some pool easy enough to meet other men that way considering we will be challenged at the pool table. This older gentleman is up next, nicely dress and very polite and friendly we hit it off nicely. My husband and the man we will call Jim go outside for a smoke while I play the next challenger. They aren't gone long, we decide to sit down and have a drink. My husband and Jim are hitting it off, like they have met before. we decide to go next store to grab a bite to eat. It is a dark place and we are sitting in a nice quiet area. My husband sits beside me and orders me another drink. Our new friend Jim is across from me. Before going out my husband asked me to go with no panties on, and now his hand is up my skirt rubbing my throbbing pussy. I like it when someone is watching. Jim has no idea what my husband is doing at this point. But soon enough he can tell that I am being aroused. My top is low cut and I am not wearing a bra so Jim can see how erect my nipples are. Hubby slides his hand into my top and squeezes my nipple he know I like a bit of pain and every touch of my nipple I can feel in my pussy. This is all too much we need to leave. We take Jim home with us. Straight to the bedroom we go. I tell jim to undress, he is the one that is nervous now, I am so worked up I know what I want. Everyone is naked now and I have both men sucking my tits with each of them with a finger in my pussy. It feels so good. Jim doesn't know it yet but he will be sucking my husbands cock and loving it. This is such a turn on for me. Jim is sucking cock and I am sitting on my husbands face. My husband has always liked the idea of seeing me being fucked. The size of Jims cocks is bigger than anything I have fucked. I don't think I can get both in my mouth let alone my pussy. I am now sucking both cocks at the same time, Licking one after the other I so want to be fucked. I sit on my husbands cock, it feel so good, I have cum twice already and I think the next on will be a gusher. I feel Jim come up behind me. Worries me a bit but I am hoping he sticks his cock inside me. He does and it feels so fucking awesome. Pain and pleasure at the same time. I instantly cum I am so wet never felt anything like that before. Jim pulls out and lets his load all over my back. My husband lets it go in my pussy. He puts me on my back and puts Jims face into my pussy, I can barely take it feels so good. Seeing we had a great first time we can't wait for the next!