Feb. 28, 2019

The Second Visit

She had just finished putting her things away in the hotel room, when a gentle knocking on the door took her attention. A flutter in her stomach and a quiver between her legs made her smile. This would be the second encounter with the man. Six weeks ago her and her husband visited...and fun was had by all. This time her husband couldn't make it. She would be alone with the man.

She approached and opened the door. A friendly smile greeted her. He was not bad looking in general, nice smile...nice shoulders...shaved head and a tight goatee.

“Hello again”, he said smiling, “you look great.”

She smiled and said “Thank you”

As the door closed she door and turned to face the man, she literally saw the change in him. The friendly smile was still there...but a sexual hunger was now evident in his eyes.

A heat began to rise in body.

His hand took hers and lead her to the bed, his coat discarded on the ground. She was tall for a woman and he gently sat her on the side of the bed. The man face now loomed over her and he brought his mouth to hers. He began to kiss her. Gently at first...then gaining more force and tongue. His hands began to roam over her and she felt her clothes being removed...until only bra and panties remained. As he broke the kiss he said to her, “Please stand, and turn.”

She did, and she felt him unhook her bra and slide it off. Fingers then hooked into the sides of her panties and he slid them to the floor.

She felt his hof breath upon her bottom and a gentle finger began to probe her wet pussy.

The man turned her around and forced her back into a sitting position...then laid her back down on the bed. She noticed that he had somehow discarded his clothes. He stood there...hairier than her husband...his hard cock bobbing as he moved.

He smiled and brought his head down between her legs and she felt his tongue and fingers begin to lick and fondle her. Her hands clenched the bedspread and she writhed under his tongue. Soon she felt a rising in her groin.. filling g her to bursting.

She cums.

She loves cumming.

As she slowly starts to recover she feels the tongue leave...and something harder at her pussy’s entrance. Looking up at the man she remembers the first time she saw his cock. Average in size but well shaped. Now it was ready to have this cock back inside her again.

The man smiles down at her and and slowly pushes his cock into her...she loves the feeling.

After a few short pushed into her wet, eager hole she feels his balls come to rest on her bottom. The man leans over and kisses her...slowly pushing and pulling his cock in and out of her. The stand tempo and his roaming hands begin to build a fire inside her. Bigger it grows...she looks up into the man's face...he loves the feel of her wrapped around his cock. She feels the fire finally explode.

She cums.

She loves cumming.

The man can feel her pussy clench as she cums.

“Turn over please” he says.

She turns over...bum in the air...she knows that he loves the way she looks...and she feels his hard cock push back into the wetness.

The man grabs her hips. He begins to thrust into her, his balls swinging forward slapping her clit. It feels amazing.

The fire starts again.

She can feel that he might be close soon. Her hand reaches between her legs and gently rubs his bzlls. Thdn she switches and she begins to rub her clit. The combination of his thrusts and her circling fingers causes her to explode again.

She cums.

She loves cumming.

Suddenly the man's thrusts become more urgent, harder and faster. She feels him tense and a low growl issues from his mouth, “Fuck”

She feels the first spurts of cum inside her. Then she feels him pull out and cover her pussy and bum with cum.

He cums.

He loves cumming.

She is smiling as she feels something...a tongue on her bottom, on and in her pussy.

She smiles...nice...he cleans his masses.


Together they lay on the bed. Smiling she looks over...he is smiling too.

Then she notices...he's getting hard again.

This is going to be a fun visit.