Feb. 26, 2019

Sorry to say if I were there...not much laundry would get done.

She walks by, pantless, her butt swaying.

Suddenly she is gently taken to the floor...a tongue then finds her clit and pussy entrance. Fingers gently probing...making her cummmmm.

A man then rises from her quivering crotch. Bald head and hairy body, naked himself, climbs upon her. She knows this isn't her husband, sexual excitment flows through her. She feels a hard cock searching for her wet pussy. Lips covered with her own juices start kissing her. His tongue, which was moments ago inside her warm pussy, now play with hers in her mouth. His cock finally finds it's way in, sinking deeply she feels his balls on her bum. The man begins to slowly thrust in and out. Another orgasm begins to rise...she comes again. The man smiles at the feeling of her pussy walls greedily pulling him deeper. The man increases the rhythm of his thrusts, soft moans escape from her mouth. She can feel him driving deeper, harder. His hands have taken her shirt off. She lays completely naked, with a cock deep inside her...a cock that is not her husbands. This thought causes her to cum hard again. A door opens...her smiling husband walks in."I see our guest is already here." He chuckles.

The man's thrusts are becoming faster and more urgent. She hope he can hold off a little longer as another orgasm is building in her. Finally the man tenses and let's a small groan of pleasure. She cums again feeling the cock inside her begin to shoot it's hot load deep inside her. The man pulls his still shooting cock out painting her pussy and clit with the last bit of his hot cum.

Well there is always tomorrow for laundry.