There are more ways than ever available for people to find other couples who are interested in swinging. There was a time that finding these couple had a high degree of difficulty. Swingers had to use resources such swinging lifestyle magazine, which had ads placed by couple in search of other couples. This method was not only difficult, it left much to be desired in the area of getting to know the couple first.

Using the Internet for Swinging

One of the ways to find other couples who are into swinging is on the internet. Online there are many websites and clubs which offer those interested in swinging the chance to find a variety of other people in the lifestyle. These sites and clubs offer couple a chance to chat and get to know each other. This is important since swing is bases on mutualrespect and having fun in safe and comfortable environment. The last thing any swinging wants is to enter into a situation with another couple who have complete different expectations than they have.

The internet also offers couple a chance to exchange photos with those they are considering meeting to swing with. For some this can be desirable if there are particular physical traits they are looking for in the couples they swing with. Meeting over the internet can take some of the pressure off of making initial contact and make it easier if you feel the need to turn down the advances of another couple.

Meeting other Swingers in Person

Meeting in swingers clubs is another way to go about meeting others in the swinging lifestyle. This is a desired way for couple to meet who are into the thrill of being in a group setting with several people to look at and choose from. Some of these club offer situations which privately planned events do not.

Before going to a club do some research and find out additional details about the club. Swingers clubs tend to be open only on select nights. Most are open on weekend nights. Some clubs may have nights which are couples only or others when they may allow for both couples and singles to enter. Some clubs will allow for an admission fee to be paid at the door whole others require you have membership with them before you can enter. Knowing all of this information before hand can keep you from entering into a situation you do not want to be in.

Some swingers clubs are what are referred to as "off-premises" venues. This means there is no sex allowed on the property. These clubs usually have bars and dance floors. These are great locations for those who are just getting swinging and looking. Couples can go to these clubs and not have to enter into sexual situation. This is a great way to get to know the scene and make sure you feel comfortable entering the world of swinging.

There are also "on-premises" clubs which allow for people have sex at the venue. Many of these clubs have bars and dance clubs the same as there off- premises counterparts. The difference is that may of these clubs will offer public "play areas" and private rooms. There are even some of these clubs which have overnight accommodations available. Common misconception is that be entering a swingers club you are obligated to have sex with someone or everyone on the club. This is not true. Swingers only have sex in situations where it is consensual by all parties. You do have to have sex with anyone when entering a swingers club. It is not uncommon to have people enter these clubs just to watch others having sex in the public areas of these clubs.

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