Swingers have rules which must be adhered to. The first is to treat all others with the same respect you desire to be treated with. This rule applies to both behavior and proper hygiene. For respect to all involved one should be properly bathed and have their oral hygiene needs met prior to attending a swinging event.

You must respect your partners feelings

To begin with if you are interested in swinging but your partner is not then you can not pressure them into it. If one person is forced into swinging then it usually leads to disaster. This is because people need to feel secure and confident about swinging. People who do feel this way going into it will only feel worse, not better if they start swinging.

Communication is a Top Priority

Discuss and set parameters with those you will be swinging with. This is the best way to respect all of those involved. Different couples will have different things they will or will not consent to when swinging. Knowing these boundaries and abiding by everyone's request to adhere to certain boundaries is the one of the first rules of swinging. Among the issues which should be discussed prior to have any sexual encounter with a couple is what type of swinging they are into and that which you are into. There are those who only practice what is called "soft swinging" where only oral sex is performed. Then there are others who practice "hard swinging" where penetrative sex is involved. In with if those situations couples may prefer to do these acts in a "closed swing" situation where partners are swapped but have sex are in different rooms. Then there is the option of an "open swing" situation where all parties involved have sex on the same room.

There may be times when you and your partner choose to have a sexual encounter with a consenting single. The same rules of respect and prior discussion apply in these situations. Do keep in mind that another discussion which is usually touched on in these circumstances is if the single person is bi-sexual or not. Never assume a person is or is not and not ask prior to having sex. Not discussing these matters can lead to awkward and sometimes upsetting situations after sex has begun.

Respect the Others Relationships

Never try to break up another couple. People who get into swing are looking to enhance the relationship they are in. They are not looking for an emotional replacement. If you are ever in a situation where you are thinking of attempting to break up a couple then the responsible thing t do is not see that couple any longer. You may also wan to take a break from swinging to examine your current relationship to see what led you to these feelings

Confidentiality is Key

Guard your privacy and that of others with high regard. The main way to go about this is to never speak of swinging with persons who are outside of the swinging lifestyle. Limit these conversations to those who are swingers and those seeking information to become swingers. Speaking of swinging with people outside of the lifestyle tends to lead to negative issues for you and those you participate in swinging with to deal with later.

On the Straight and Narrow

Do not participate in any illegal activity while swinging. This is for your safety and the safety of others. It is also to protect others in the swinging lifestyle. This is because swinging has a negative image with some. Having it associated with illegal activities only adds to that negative image and can effect how swingers may be treated or viewed by others concerning their lifestyle choices.

Always obey the rules for the location you are swinging at. If a club is does not allow for sex on-site then you need to make sure you do not break the rule. Having sex in some locations can cause it to be shut down. It could also result in you getting arrested for having sex in an unauthorized location. You do not wan tot expose your lifestyle to others by being arrested for something which you could have easily avoided.

Always be Polite

When couples start swinging they will be approached at some point by a couple they have no desire to swing with. In these cases it is best to just answer their request with a simple "no thank you". There is no need to give a long explication for the no answer which could result in hurt feelings.

Saying "no, thank you" without an explanation is the rule which should be followed when one is asked to participate in a sexual act they are not interested while swinging. All parties swinging should not participate in any sexual activity they are not comfortable with. Any time a person declines to perform an act it needs to be respected by all parties involved.

Being the Perfect Swinging Guest

When attending swinging events at a home or private location one should always ask the host what they can bring. It is impolite to attend one of these events empty handed. It takes several washcloths, towels, condoms, and other items such as lubricant for one event.

Be sure to pack an overnight bag with the items you will be in need of during a swinging event. Make sure to include all of the personal hygiene items you will need during the course of the event. It is rude to assume your host will be providing these items for you.

Safety First

One of the biggest rules is to always be safe while swinging. Make sure you have a good amount of condoms and any other items you may need such a dental dams. The rule of thumb is that it is far better to be overstocked with these items than not having enough. Being prepared with safe sex items is one of the best ways to ensure all involved have the best time possible while being safe.