It's an unfortunate fact that many ads on dating sites seem to have nothing to do with swinging at all. Ads that ask for money, even discreetly, or which mention "generosity" are almost certainly ads from sex workers rather than swingers. Other ads are from individuals who are basically being dishonest, perhaps claiming to be part of a couple when they aren't.

We are sure that if you are serious, then you won't mind paying a few dollars for your membership. In general, all of our members ARE serious and because they have paid subscription fee this shows their sincerity and dedication to finding other like-minded people.

Placing an ad on this site can be a very useful way to meet people who might interest you as potential swinging partners. When writing your personal ad, it's important to be clear and honest about what your requirements are. In general, the more information you can give about yourselves, the more likely you are to get replies from people who suit you.

Many people find it very useful to include a photo in the advertising. Profiles with photos get 85% better success rate.

We hope you enjoyed our 'Using Personal Ads' page and that it met up to your expectation.