There are some who claim taking part on a swinging lifestyle will destroy a marriage. Research has shown that swinging couples report a higher percentage of them being in extremely happier marriages than those who do not take part in the lifestyle. Most claim they are happy since they have been able to fulfil their sexual fantasies of having sex with others without having to lie or cheat on their spouse. Most of these couple say that the swinging lifestyle has actually made their marriage bond stronger than it was prior to entering the lifestyle. Keep in mind that these are couple who entered into swinging with a solid relationship.

Advice for Those Considering Swinging

Couples who enter the swinging lifestyle should both be comfortable with the idea. If one partner is uncomfortable with the idea of having the other sleep with someone other than themselves or have a negative anxiety about them sleeping with someone swinging is not a good idea. Couples who do not have a strong relationship foundation should also avoid getting into swinging. This is because swinging can be difficult for people entering with a negative feeling about it or for those using it as a way to fix material issues.

Anyone who has a desire to enter into swinging and has a partner who is not open to the idea should not push their partner into swinging. If someone is not comfortable with the idea if swinging in the beginning things could become disastrous for a relationship of one person is pushed into it. If one does not have a partner willing to swing they should not consider trying to enter the lifestyle alone. This is because to be a swinger both partners must be involved. When one enters alone they are violating the trust of their partner and of the true swingers they encounter.

Be sure that you and your partner are able to separate the difference between romantic sex and recreational sex. Both partners need to know be in the frame of mind that they are comfortable with their partner receiving sexual pleasure from another person. If you and your partner can do all of this then you are ready to begin looking into the world of swinging.

You and your partner should do research on the subject together. The idea is that swinging is couples activity and you should both be involved in all aspects of planning of any swinging activities you will participate in. This is important because both parties need to be able to answer that they can tell the other that they love even after witnessing them having sex with another person.