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We meet again…

His first time sucking…

This is a follow up to my story “the dreaded single male”. I had just met a couple who broke all their own rules about no penetration on the first meeting and his first experience having a guy give him a blow job (with his wife’s help of course). Although...

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Your Christmas Present

Merry Christmas

I know this is a little earlyBut I just could not waitto give you your present honeyAt least I won’t be late.I am just letting you know that....You will find me on Christmas morning,tied up under your Christmas treeAround my throat is a red satin bow with...

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Before I go further with my tale I feel I must share the fact that this is a true story,taking place few years ago.There were other encounters afterward but none lived up to this first experience.So,we ran to the bedroom.It seemed we couldn't get our clot...

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We all have them.Fantasies that we want to explore or make reality. I've had some of mine come true.I'll share this one with you.I was always curious about a 3some. Both MFM and FMF(or FFM does me fine too).I had the opportunity a few years ago to do the...

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The Office

A package arrives ...

You wake one morning to find a package arrive at your door and a note from me. You open the package and inside, you find a beautiful soft leather harness. The note instructs you to put it on and admire yourself in the mirror. You do, and the feeling of th...

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A Voyage to Ecstasy

Every trip begins with a single step…sometimes not out the door!

The lucky couple, for using the local business association’s promotional app, had won a voucher for $1000 off a vacation from a local travel agency. The husband had stopped by the agency to enquire about what they might use it for, and the agent, a tall,...

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Rediscovering herself.

Caught red handed, she gets what she needs.

I hear the front door close. Children's voices drift through the window. The engine turns over, and the sound of children's music blares. It quickly silenced as the car speeds down the street. I'm free. A wave of excitement rushes over me as I grab my pho...

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I guess I'm still a curious silly teenager

My first sexual experience other than masturbating happened when I was sixteen years old. I remember it being a hot summer day, my best friend Johnathan and I had spent the early evening playing tennis over at our high school courts. As darkness set in we...

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Didn’t expect that

Fantasy fulfilled

Hello everyone Thought I would share this experience Met this mature couple thru this site(SW) We arranged to meet at the Burlington beach strip to chat and get to know each other better When I saw them walking king towards me I started to get anxious and...


I was sitting on my porch in the early hours wearing a black summer dress with nothing under it. I saw him approach, as he got closer I spread my legs & he dropped to his knees. His tongue explored my pussy & worked my clit beautifully, he glanced around...

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My blonde princess inseminated by a trucker

Daddy issues made her look for older men to fuck

This happened about 10 years ago when I was at university, I was about three weeks into my second year of a four year degree, and walked in to one of my classes late at the start of the semester a bit late, the second I walked in I noticed her. She looked...

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Round 2…. And 3? Part 2

After fucking an old coworker my wife’s ex returns.

Cont’d from Part 1 So approximately 1/2 an hour after my wife’s coworker had made my wife/then gf, cum hard on his cock, my wife’s ex was on his way over for their second meeting since her and I had been together. I sat on the couch acting casual and watc...

fact?fiction?fantasy?chapter 1

just when you thought.....

not sure why it got deleated..but... living in a small town..everyone knows everybody...or about everybody..right? wrong...i was out shopping at our local hardware store this summer and bumped into someone i ve known for..heck decades..we dont visit each...

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We all see the make up counters with a pretty girl offering to do your make up for free. It was almost closing time as I was walking by the gorgeous young brunette behind the counter....who suddenly asked me if I would like her to put on her new luxury li...

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