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youngfun93 3 months ago

SHY WIFE Massage session

massage session turns into cuckold

Hi Everyone, This Incident took place 4 years. when I was only 24 years old and experience in this swinging world. but I was new to this site. Btw This is my New account. After searching through profiles, chats and no shows for few...

Essence 3 months ago

What I expected

Perfect fit

I first noticed her body 40 years ago, in school. I wanted her badly then, but figured I didn't have a chance. 37 years later I encountered her once again, that encounter was the last time we saw each other, without ending up in bed. Sex for the last...

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happy2bbare 4 months ago

Work mistake turns to home fun

Two co-workers finally experience creampie desires

I'm a project manager for a large company and had just started a new project. Right now, I was trying to bring all the costing estimates together so that we could get the proposal out to the company. Even though I was a 'manager' I was still working out o...

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HappyHayseed 4 months ago

Farm hands

A surprise treat for a couple of farm hands

Friday couldnt come soon enough. It had been a long week. Corporate meetings on the road. Long intense days but it was finally finished. I headed back to the hotel and stopped off at the bar. Normally I would drink alone, using the time to process the di...

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We2playwthu4521 4 months ago

An after supper treat

Passionate interlude

After we are home from a nice dinner out...we relax with a glass of wine , cuddled on the couch soft music in the background. As I'm looking into your eyes I kiss ur warm moist lips..running my hand through ur hair... I whisper in ur ear " I want you Babi...

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letscummiserate 4 months ago

House Sitting

Husbands like this?

I had just graduated collage. I was in the best shape of my life a star wrestler on the school team. My sister and her husband were going to Florida for the week and they asked me if I would house sit for them and I agreed. It was a new subdivision and n...

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BASins 4 months ago

If only he knew

if only he knew

The connection was there she couldn’t deny it she wanted him, but more she wanted him to need her as much as she needed him. In that moment she might have given anything to have his hands on her, his lips on hers pushing her to no return. She had so many...

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We2playwthu4521 4 months ago

3way bi experience

A bi mmf 3some

As we sit having a drink your sexy hot wife enters the room waring her sexy black negligee she says..well boy..that's our cue ... I'll kneel in front of you slipping off ur pants... your cock is hardening in ur undies... I start massaging ur member... as...

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leadpipe 4 months ago

Adult Fun For Everyone (Part 5)

If you read chapters 1 to 4 you will discover how quickly my wife progressed in her discovery of Adult Fun.

Suz's natural sexual curiosity to experience new adventures has also brought me and our good friend Bill on an exciting 3way ride. Bill says she gave him the best BJ of his life. For the past 10 years Suz and I have owned a RV at a campsite about 1.5 ho...

We2playwthu4521 4 months ago

Bath n Pamper Time

Spoiling my Treasure

Hunni...i have your bath ready . As u enter the candlelite bathroom , you notice the erotic scent I picked for the candle oil. That sexual rush runs through body. As i walk in...ur back facing me , I caress ur thighs slightly raising your nighty... whispe...

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ronnierempling 4 months ago

Kim and Kimmy

From a MMF to MM in 3 sessions ...

This is a long story, but it covers 3 visits and one of the best experiences I ever had. Part 1 It was a sleepless Covid Sunday morning. I checked my messages, it was around 3 am. I was looking to play, but hell, who as gonna with Covid happening? The...

We2playwthu4521 4 months ago

Pleasuring my Hunny

Passionate pleasuring we cuddle in bed, I slowly run my hand  through ur hair,  looking you in the eyes as my lips reach for urs. Kissing you gently , my fingertips slide down ur neck, stroking your soft warm skin , pausing at  ur ample breast...teasing ur nipple t...

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Anonymous 5 months ago

My wife is A very sexy beautiful woman from Vietnam 32 yrs old very sexy tight put together body at 5'4" 110 lbs. We have been married for 11 yrs now and meet in high school . She is very shy around other people she doesn't know . But when we enjoy our se...

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kingstonsteve 5 months ago

Nice Unexpected View

Unexpected voyeurism

I was out walking through a wooded area a couple Saturdays (April 24) ago and decided to head back to my car as I was getting thirsty and hungry and I hadn't been planning on staying out long. While walking through the very small parking lot of the area...

happy2bbare 5 months ago

Summer Fun with a Sexy Friend - Ch 3

chapter 3 of the 'Summer Fun' story

WIth both of us having our own partners, it was longer than either of us wanted before we were able to meet again but when we did, everything fell into place beautifully. I had a few days on the road and one of them wasn't too far from you so I would be...

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