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We setup a time to meet at the gas station. I grab a couple coffees and then park in the back of the lot where you are waiting. You get out and come jump in the passenger side of the car. You are soo nervous and you can start to feel tingling in your puss...

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Keep Her Quiet

Steve wakes up to a pleasant surprise.

I woke up to a light tug on my cock and then something warm and wet enveloping it. I grabbed my phone and saw that it was 3am. I thought to myself, “nice dream”, and then I felt the swirl of a wet tongue on the tip of my cock. I looked down and looked aro...

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I turned my head and what do I see but this mountain of a man, George, totally naked holding his massive cock in his hand. As the fog lifted from my brain after having just been fed my first cock, I see another cock destined to provide a similar fate to m...

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Fingering a Hotwife in an Uber, cuck infront

Pleasuring a married women infront of hubby

This was my first time humiliating a cuck in public, prior to meeting, the cuck lost all privileges of touching his wife or himself. We were in an Uber, me and the wife in the back seat while hubby sat in the front with the driver. I like how he sat in th...

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The Movie Theater

Steve surprises Tracey in a theater

Tracey came out of the bedroom wearing her yellow minidress. The dress stopped short of her high thighs, her shoulders were bare, and I could see her nipples were pointing through. Sure Tracey had a belly, but she had a great ass. She bent over to pick up...

New Year’s Eve

Lifestyle party at its best

Our friends had organized a party for Dec 31, they invited 30 people and, as in most lifestyle party, not everyone shows up. We ended being 20 in total, our friends who were hosting, 5 couples and 8 single guys eventually showed up. They had a nice setup...


The Alternate Dimension

Why the fuck not?!?

I’d always had a very sexually active mind. I know for most guys it’s not a stretch to say sex was always on my mind, but even though I couldn’t be sure, I felt like I was a bit different. Sex was something ever-present. I wanted to experience it all. Not...

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Very special couple

Loving couple - generous with love for lonely man

Having broken with wife after long term-passsionate relationship— I was lonesome and horny. 2023 should get a new start. Checking ads I. found interesting— Senior couple ( late 60,s) where he was oversexed bi- and wearing her out . She was looking for a b...

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First Night Out


First Night Out A Night Out. It’s our first time going out to meet new people. We are both kind of anxious but excited we found an event to try out. This is huge step but we put the time in and discussed the boundaries. As soon as we walk in my Girl taps...

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Fantasy fulfilled

Getting pegged

Finally after years of having a fantasy of being pegged, it has come true! This evening I got together with a fwb, she is very open minded and has a way of getting me to talk about my deepest fantasies. One of them being, getting pegged. Well my fwb absol...

it was approx 8 years of play with having mfm and watching denis with my wife and joining of course it was stricktly mfm play .i have had fantasies as a young boy when i read my dads naughty mags my fav mags were penthouse letters and i always gravitated...

Kevin Gets Lucky

A friend in need is a friend indeed - How Kevin Became Ali's Bull

Kevin and I had been friends since college but he lived an hour away by plane and I rarely saw him. He would stop in when he was travelling through, and sometimes he would crash at our place. This was one of those times. He was going through some stuff wi...

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Hooked on Blindfolded Sensual Massages

My new favorite way to be massaged

So I have found the perfect massage session, and I am totally hooked....we arrived at the new location, and after being buzzed-in, hubby escorted me up to the top floor, and down the hall....just before knocking on the door, I put on my blindfold...for th...

July 28th 2009

Hawt time with her man in the side

She arrived a little to early so she makes a run to Tim Horton’s to get herself an iced cappuccino. She texts him to see where he is he’s at the house, She smiles because she knows in a short time she’ll be with him again. She arrives at the complex and l...

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