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No more curiosity

Pushing past the hang ups and embracing one's desires

It all started when we saw her at the club. We had seen her before. Hard not to see her, with the sexy outfits, curves, and the collection of absolute fuck-me shoes she wore. Until that night, though, it seemed she was always there with friends and the fe...

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Bowling Night

Arrived home early to get a surprise.

My wife has been seeing another guy very casually and not very often as they are both busy with work. Sometimes they go 6 months without a meet and just text each other the rest of the time. He texts her giving her tasks to perform and has proclaimed a ma...

New young couple)pregnant wife

Surrey senior helpmate

Met a lovely young couple ( 35-30) her 7 months pregnant- new to Aldergrove- from Saskatchewan ( Dotty and Steve)— at first— no action- just advise and wise words to help them. Treat them to dinner on occasion- they liked and trusted me. She was 7 months-...

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Strong Lady( Surrey) BC

She ran the show!

Viewed an ad- that was seeking male to share - 3 way ( with a twist- she in control of males- into “ bi” intercourse!! She directs and they please her—— BUT—. More— she becomes a voyeur…I had the hungers, but it was all- only in fantasy? This time?? We me...

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i have been on this site for a few years and have talked to lots of great people. The hook ups have been few and far between,but here's a story about my first hook up,around 2018 I think. I rec'd an email from someone I had been chatting with. He says him...

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went to watch a buddy have sex in a car with a lady. they knew i would be watching. they got undressed and started to play with each other and i started stroking. she could see my rock hard cock while she was sucking his cock. they liked me watching them....

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Previously wrote story re a nice couple in chilliwack. As I left their place after much pleasure and passion. She kinda teased? Threatened? A surprise for me? Well , she did! Emailed me to visit on the weekend — I’ve got a gift for you?? Like what? Feelin...

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Surrey-Story rewards?

Surrey-Was “ bred” cuz of story?

Nice couple on. “ SH” read and liked one of my stories. Chilliwack- her bi— him straight. They thought they might know Ferne — I quickly denied-cuz I couldn’t risk her finding of my disclosures re our sex. life …. Plus they knew many from our circle of fr...

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After driving 3.5 hours to meet a couple who said they were sure they wanted to play but after we met the wife got cold feet and they declined I was very frustrated to say the least. I will now only drive far for couples who have had MFM experiences not o...

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The first contact had been years ago…a written back and forth, teasing but the several thousand KM’s between them and lottery odds of simultaneously travelling to the same city were a losing bet. One evening however..she reached out, blindly it seems, and...

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Some of my stories are factual- some fantasy filled fiction. After breaking with long time gf. Ferne- I’ve been seeking fun.. . Anyway Matt ( Alias) of bi couple seeking? His wife wanted a break from their swinging sexual activities- to. re consider about...

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A Vacation Surprise - Chapter 6

The family circle widens.

Chapter 6 Well, I didn't. What did happen was that my errant wife discovered me in erotic torture, and totally oblivious to my state, joined me by the pool and blackmailed both me and the twins into the pool for a quasi-game of water polo. Not exactly wha...

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I’ve written many- some fact- some fiction— but about Ferne and I won’t continue. If you’ve read- we are older- I loved and adored her to no end- do anything for her happiness . But following event- TRUE -was too much for me. Her home on an acre in. S. Su...

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2and 3 for a lot of cum!!

Good time for all

Since breaking with Ferne, was down inthe dumps— SO— time to make fantasies real. I replied to some horny people in Kamloops ( so no one would recognize my strange hungers). What did I write to them. .?? Passionate man seeks older couple - preferably- her...

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Was sitting at home one night and I was texting my neighbour about looking after her garbage while her and her husband were away next week about an hour later I get a text from her and it’s a pic of her wearing nothing but a dark red thong and her tits ha...

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